#1 - My Week in Makeup || Four Everyday Makeup Looks

four easy makeup looks
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I was recently inspired by Lauren to do a "My week in outfits" post, but I quickly realised that my work clothes aren't really that exciting. They're very office appropriate, but that's about it. So I thought I would do a week in makeup instead, as I have a fair amount of makeup and I thought it would be a great way to kind of display a few products.

The week I decided to do it was a short week, only four days, however, I usually go foundation free on a Friday anyway. Lauren and I were talking about acne and imperfections and how we'd like to see more bare faces on our Instagram feed, so we decided to start #nofoundationfriday to encourage people to go foundation free on Fridays. You should definitely check out my Instagram and get involved if you haven't already.


I usually start off the week excited to do my makeup. After spending most of the weekend barefaced, it's nice to spend some time in the morning playing with makeup. For Monday's makeup, I used a lot of my products from the Zoella x Colourpop collaboration, which have quickly become my most used recently.

The "Brunch Date" Zoella x Colourpop palette is perfect for everyday use, the brown and shimmery shades in it are very subtle - So if you're not very creative and brave with makeup like me, it's a great palette to add to your collection.

Products Used:

Products not included in the widget:

Zoella x Colorpop: "Brunch Club" palette, "Self Love Club" lipstick, "Soul Mate" blush (SOLD OUT) - Dirty Works "Wow Brows" eyebrow kit.


In case you can't tell, Tuesday was a no hair wash day... Hence why the hair is up. I didn't really like the results of Tuesday's makeup too much, I used my new e.l.f "Berry Please" silk eyeshadow and I was extremely disappointed. You can read why here.

For my lips, I went for a more natural look as they're pretty dry lately and I didn't want to dry them out even more by putting lipstick on. I used my Benefit "bene-tint" and then put Vaseline on over the top to keep them hydrated.

Products used: 

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Red dress, means a red lip, even if they are really dry at the moment. I wanted to go for a glowier look on Wednesday, so I used my Botanics all bright radiance balm before applying my makeup. It's the perfect base for your makeup if you want your skin to look super radiant. 

I also went for bolder colours on my eyes too, at least it's bold for me anyway. My NYX Ignite palette is perfect for that, as it has some lovely darker shades in. 

Products used:

Products not included in the widget:

Dirty Works "Wow Brows" brow kit - e.l.f translucent mattifying powder - e.l.f Glow highlighter - Zoella x Colourpop "Soul Mate" blush (SOLD OUT) - Zoella x Colourpop "Give us the goss" lip bundle.


Towards the end of the week, I wanted to give my skin a little break and go for something a little lighter. So I used my Bourjois "123 Perfect" CC cream, which also has SPF 15 in, making it one of my most used products in the warmer months. It evens out my skin without suffocating it, you can read more about it here if you'd like.

On my eyes, I used some of the more neutral shades from the Too Faced "Gingerbread Spice" palette, which smells amazing and has a beautiful mix of everyday shades in it. You can read my thoughts and see swatches of this palette here if you'd like.

Products Used:

Products not included in the widget:

Too Faced "Gingerbread Spice" palette - Benefit "Bene-Tint" - Zoella x Colourpop "Swipe Right" highlighter

I really enjoyed putting this post together, it was fun to go through my makeup and pull out products that I hadn't used in a while. I have a little basket full of makeup that I use more often and I seem to have forgotten that I have loads more hidden away. My basket has now been updated as I've rediscovered loved products. I hope you enjoyed this post, I might do another one in the future.