Trying out e.l.f Cosmetics highlighters || Are they any good?

e.l.f cosmetics budget highlighters

Not long ago, I discovered how to actually use highlighters without making my skin look extra oily. Which meant, that I had to stock up on them as I didn't really have that many. So when I went a bit mad in the e.l.f Cosmetics sale, I picked up a few of their highlighters to try out. So what exactly did I think to these budget-friendly highlighters

The Prismatic Highlighting Stick

e.l.f prismatic highlighting stick

"Achieve a radiant and iridescent sheen with this Prismatic Highlighting Stick. The microfine shimmer captures and reflects light for a luminescent spectrum of lavender hues. Enriched with Vitamin E for a nourishing glow." - e.l.f Cosmetics

I'll be honest, I picked this one up purely because I was curious to know what a prismatic highlighter looked like. I have to say, I am impressed. This e.l.f stick highlighter adds a lovely glow to my cheekbones for just £4. It was easy to blend and didn't look too obvious on my extremely pale skin, ideal eh? I'd recommend this one if you're very pale like me and you want something a bit more intense than the powder highlighter. 

The Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick

e.l.f beautifully bare highlighting stick

"This highlighting stick is ideal for targeted application to illuminate the skin for a beautiful, fresh, and natural glow. Perfect for bringing light to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupids bow. Enriched with Vitamin E and Coconut Oil." - e.l.f Cosmetics

I don't think I own any other highlighters that have a warm tint to them like this one, which I personally wasn't overly keen on with my pale skin. It was lovely, but maybe a bit too golden for me. I'd use this one on holiday, in the sun, as I think it adds that sun-kissed glow to my skin - However, not one I'd personally reach for every day. It blended in lovely, but just a bit too dark for me.

Compact Highlighter 

e.l.f compact highlighter

"This highlighter helps boost your natural glow. Formulated to create lasting color that accentuates features and flatters your skin tone." - e.l.f Cosmetics

This one is definitely the one I've used the most out of all three of them. When I first opened it in my haul video, I wasn't too sure about it. I didn't think it was going to have much of a glow to it, as it doesn't look very shimmery or glowy in the pack. However, when I applied it, it left the perfect everyday glow that I wanted. It's such a lovely subtle highlight, which is perfect for me as I don't really like very "in your face" highlighters every day due to my oily skin. I think adding intense highlight onto an already shiny face, would be a big mistake. 

Overall, I was really impressed with these three budget-friendly highlighters from e.l.f, I will definitely be trying out some more from them. So, if you want to recommend any that you love, let me know in the comments. Have you tried any of these? What did you think to them?