The e.l.f £5 Sculpting Eyeshadow, is it any good?

e.l.f "Berry Please" eyeshadow review

Well, well, well... A budget friendly eyeshadow that resembles the Kat Von D "Shade & Light" eye contour quad - Could it be too good to be true? Yes, yes it is. Recently over on my YouTube channel, I posted an e.l.f Cosmetics sale hauland in it was this e.l.f "Berry Please" sculpting silk eyeshadow that I managed to pick up for under £5. 

I'd never tried any of e.l.f Cosmetics products before, but after trying out a few products from my impulsive sale shop, I had high hopes for this eyeshadow. I'd fallen in love with the rest of the products I'd picked up, especially the brushes, so this one had high expectations to live up to. 

e.l.f "Berry Please" eyeshadow review

I decided to try it out for work one day, something I rarely do with new makeup as it's a risky game to play. I like to try them out when I'm not going anywhere and then if they look okay, I'll wear them to work to test them out more. 

This e.l.f "Berry Please" eyeshadow comes with three diffent shades, for a three step process. Making it easy for you to do a contoured look. However, the lovely purple shade you'd expect is not what you'll get. The eyeshadow is incredibly chalky and really lacks any pigmentation. It took me a while to get the "Berry Please" eyeshadow to even be mildly noticeble on my eyes

e.l.f "Berry Please" eyeshadow try out

Once I'd applied it, I was left with rather boring and dull looking eyeshadow that didn't do me any favours at all. I wasn't planning on adding a wing to my makeup, but it seemed like the only way to salvage it. As you can see in the photo, the e.l.f "Berry Please" eyeshadow really lacks that beautiful pigmentation that most good eyeshadows have. Considering that it's full price is £5, I kind of expected better results, as you can pick a much better palette up from Revolution for the same price. 

Would I buy it again or recommend it? Not at all. I'd heard that e.l.f cosmetics eyeshadows were good, so maybe it was just this one... I don't know. I might pick up some different ones next time they have a sale on, try them out and see if they're any better. Have you ever used the e.l.f "Berry Please" eyeshadow or any of their eyeshadows? If so, let me know how you got on with it in the comments. I'd love to know if it's just this one or if their eyeshadows just aren't that great. 

I also picked up a few highlighers from their sale, which I'll be writing a post about soon so keep an eye out if you want to know how I got on with them. If you want to see what else I bought, you can watch my e.l.f cosmetics sale haul on my YouTube channel that I seem to have abandoned lately.