Is This High End Palette Worth It?

It's rare for me to willing to spend a large amount of money on makeup however lately I've been finding myself more and more inclined to try out higher end brands. I'm curious to know if they're actually worth the hype or not. So when the new Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette* came out, I decided to give it a go and see what I thought compared to my more budget-friendly palettes that I usually pick up.
When I saw how much it cost I was SHOOKETH - £40 for a palette?! How was everyone affording to collect Too Faced palettes at nearly £40 each, were they really that good?

When I opened it I could immediately feel the increase of quality in the packaging alone. It feels rather heavy and has a magnet "shut" to it, very fancy. Also, did I mention it actually smells like gingerbread too? Yeah, I know... Insane.

The Gingerbread Spice palette is packed full of all the warm shades you could want for this time of year, with a mix of glittery ones and matte ones. It also comes with a little booklet that includes a few looks for you to follow in case you're as clueless as me. I tried the "Warm and Toasty" one out over on my YouTube channel.

This palette has quickly become my favourite palette due to how easy I found it to apply and the pigmentation of the shades. They are honestly so easy to blend and apply that they made me feel like I knew what I was doing and not like I'd just stepped out of a Tim Burton movie - Which isn't always a bad thing but usually is.

After applying it, I still wasn't convinced that it was worth spending £40 on. Yeah, the application was easier and I didn't have to apply much due to the amazing pigmentation - but was it going to stay on all day? I had to put it to the test and wear it to work. I rarely wear eyeshadow to work as it tends to smudge a little bit due to me not being able to keep my fingers away from my eyes.

So I applied some of the more subtler shades and put it to the test, as expected I forgot I was wearing it and rubbed the top of my eyes multiple times before I remembered. I rushed to the bathroom to make sure I didn't have half of it smudged down my face and when I looked in the mirror, I instantly knew the answer to my "is it worth it?" question. The answer was yes. After rubbing my eyes and being at work most of the day, my makeup was still in place! It hadn't smudged or gone funny in my crease (haha I know), it was all still there, sitting exactly where I'd put it before I'd left the house for work in the morning.

So to sum it up for you, I believe the hype...Too Faced have absolutely nailed it with their "Gingerbread Spice"* palette and if you're ready to get all seasonal like me, then this should be on your wish list.

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