Blogmas Day 17 || A Chat With a PR on Working With Bloggers

As a blogger, I deal with a fair amount of PRs, and I have a few questions that I've always wanted to ask them in regards to what they look for when they're looking for bloggers to work with. So I recently reached out to Alice over at Babushka PR to ask her a few questions and share them with you on my blog, as I feel a lot of bloggers want to know these things too.

When you have a blogger opportunity and you are looking for bloggers to work with, what do you look for? Are you more focused on the bloggers stats? The quality of the content they create? The engagement they have on SM? What is it that you tend to focus on when you’re looking for the right Blogger? Do you prefer it when they send over a media kit or do you prefer to look into them yourself?

When reaching out to bloggers on behalf of a brand, there are many factors we need to look at. Firstly, does the blogger, their content and audience fit with and best represent the brand image? Is the fit organic and genuine with their current content? 

I think everyone is obsessed with figures and stats - whether you're a blogger, an agency or a brand. Some people see a blogger with a super high following and immediately think that will gain them the most brand awareness - but their engagement might not be representative of the thousands of followers they have. If their audience isn’t engaging, who are they talking to about the product they’ve been sent? We take into account their reach, whether micro or macro, their engagement and their authenticity. 

We also really focus on the quality of content - imagery and copy. Who doesn’t love to stumble upon a blog, Instagram or YT channel and see a beautifully curated feed, some really creative images or beautifully mixed videos? But if the copy to accompany these don’t match up to the shots - it’s a letdown! Simple spelling and grammar mistakes can really put off a brand. 

We love media kits!! Agencies and brands get countless emails from bloggers wanting to collab - which is amazing, but it takes literally hours to go through emails, check every social account, read the blogs, watch the videos etc. Media kits are like gold dust. Everything all in one place - stats, hyperlinks to social channels, brands they’ve worked with, key achievements and great examples of content. 

Do you find that you often get bloggers that promise you a post or a review and then once you send them products they don’t deliver? If so, how do you handle that situation?

As an agency, we find that doesn’t happen too often - which I think is down to us building a genuine relationship with our bloggers. We check in to make sure they have received the product, and then three to four weeks later to get their first impressions and to see if it would be suitable for any of their upcoming features. There’s a lot of checking in and chasing on coverage! Working on a gifting basis, there’s not a lot you can do. 

For sponsored posts - there’s always a contract in place with an agency or we draw up a contract to avoid any sticky situations. 

Do you prefer to build a long-term relationship with bloggers and work with the same ones a lot or are you always looking for new bloggers? If so, why? And what makes you want to continue to work with a blogger? Is it the relationship you develop? The content? That they’re reliable and always deliver the content they promise? Or because you see results from their content? 

We love working with both - we wouldn’t be able to do our job without them. I think it’s important to nurture blogger relationships, we think of the bloggers that we work with as an extension of our team. I think all of the above are reasons to carry on working with someone, and all equally important. 

Being reliable, delivering projects on time and sticking to briefs are paramount. But we also really take on board any suggestions from bloggers if they have other ideas and suggestions on how to make a campaign more successful. 

We are ALWAYS expanding our database and looking for new bloggers to work with - so feel free to drop us an email (and a media kit!) if you want to be added on.

Thank you so much to Alice for answering my questions, you can find Babushka PR on Twitter if you'd like to reach out to them, they are absolutely amazing to work with. I really enjoyed putting this post together and I am now off to update my media kit.