Blogging on a Budget

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If you're not careful, blogging can get quite expensive. What with the nice cameras, the domain, the lights, the props, the clothes, the products, etc... It can all be a lot of money, money that we can't all afford to spend. So how do I manage to keep blogging on a budget? Here's some tips.

1. Editing Apps are your best friend

One thing I am always working on improving is my photography for my blog. I'm constantly seeing these amazing photos taken by other bloggers and thinking "goals". A few times I have gone online to see if I can get a loan for a lovely new camera, but then realised what a terrible idea that'd be right now.

At the end of 2016 I upgraded my phone to an IPhone 7 Plus, and have been using it as my blogging camera ever since. Another thing I bought, were some lights. Now, as much as I love my lights, they were expensive and are a bit of a pain to set up sometimes. So if you can't afford to get some lights, don't worry because there are amazing editing apps out there that will improve your photos for free.

I usually use Lightroom, VSCO and Facetune. Between them I always managed to get photos looking how I want and they are all free.

2. List your products.

I often find that I buy products when they're on sale, or buy a couple of things with the intentions of blogging about them, and then I completely forget that I have them and never end up posting about them. So what I've started doing is keeping a list of all the products I have, and haven't featured on my blog yet. That way, when I'm tight on money and running low on content, I have back up.

3. Wish list type posts.

You don't need to go out and buy stuff to feature it on your blog, sometimes you have stuff that you like or want and would like to share. I've started doing "Style Inspo" posts featuring all the stuff I've been seeing around that I love the look off. So kind of like a wish list post, but with a different tittle.

4. Life posts

I don't tend to do many personal posts, but I do enjoy reading them , and I find that they are great if you don't have a product or outfit to post about. Blogging isn't all about products, fashion and eating out in Instagram worthy restaurants. It's also about the people behind the blog, and I love reading about peoples lives. A chatty post here and there is great.

5. Budget products

I know it can be difficult to not want to go buy the latest Urban Decay palette, or some branded expensive handbag, but featuring budget products can be just as good. I love me a good deal, so going out and trying find a budget skincare product that actually works, is something I enjoy doing.

I hope these tips help you when it comes to sticking to a budget with your blog. If you've got any tips, let me know in the comments as I'm always looking for new ways to keep expenses down.