Blogmas Day 6 || Christmas books on a budget

I love a good book. There's nothing more satisfying than snuggling up on the sofa with a decent book and diving deep into an imaginary world that you get far too emotionally invested in and don't know what to do with yourself once you finish it. Am I right? Yes, yes I am. Unfortunately, if you're on a budget this Christmas like me, you can't go spending money on yourself when you still have presents to buy. So here's where to get your book fix on a budget.

"Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop" by Jane Linfoot
(This book is no longer available on The Works, you can buy it second hand on Amazon* for about the same price though.)

"The Cosy Christmas Tea Shop" by Caroline Roberts
(No longer available on the works, but you can also get this one on Amazon* too)

One of my favorite places to shop is The Works, they are the best place to get your stationary fix on a budget. Every time I go in there I end up coming out with two more notebooks more than what I actually need, it's genuinely a problem. So one day, I was doing my own thing and I just happened to slip and end up on The Works website looking at their Christmas books, when I spotted this amazing deal. A bundle of six Christmas books for £10, how could I resist? Because who doesn't need six Christmas books. me, I don't but I bought them anyway.

"The Holiday Swap" by Zara Stoneley
Find it here. 

"Wish Upon a Star" by Trisha Ashley
Find it here. 

"It's a Wonderful Life" by Julia Williams
Find it here.

You can select which books you want, or you can buy a bundle. I went for the bundle as I couldn't decide which ones to get. Each book individually costs £2, so if you don't want six books you can still get just the one for a pretty good price. Now, I know there's only five here... but the other one that came with it " Trisha Ashley - A Winters Tale" didn't seem very Christmassy so I decided to leave it out.

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into these books with a lovely hot chocolate. I've already started reading "It's a Wonderful Life" and I am loving it. What books are you getting into this Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. So glad I stumbled across this post, it was lovely to read. I’ve been an avid Christmas themed book reader for a good few years now. The Works is my go-to shop for affordable books. Recently I picked up The Cosy Christmas Teashop, The Christmas Promise and lastly a crime novel in the three for £5 deal. I browse The Works website quite a bit near to Christmas as they have the best selection of Christmas novels. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ohhh that's a great deal! I'm glad you enjoyed my post :) xx


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