Blogmas Day 5 || ImPRESS This Christmas*

Personally I never use fake nails, as my natural nails are rather long anyway and fake ones never seem to last very long without damaging my nails. So when I was sent these KISS ImPRESS nails*, I was a bit unsure about whether I'd like them or not, but I gave them a go anyway as I loved the designs on them. After all, sticking a nail with a design on is much quicker than spending the time on the design yourself.

The thing that I was most unsure about with these nails is how long they'd actually last, as I had to cut down my natural nails to put them on, I didn't want it to be a complete waste of time. I didn't see how no glue nails would be very durable, but boy was I wrong.

The nail kit comes with  30 nails, a disposable nail file, a wooden stick thingy to push your cuticles down (Pro talking here) and a wipe to use before you put the nails on. So you don't need any extra tools, but you will need time. Just sticking them on sounds quick and easy, but I'd recommend you give yourself time and do it properly or else they won't stay on long at all.

Besides the fact that I can never find nails that fit my nails properly, I was loving these. They're not too long, which means that they look more natural and it's easier to do every day things like open a can. They are really easy to apply, you just have to peel the sticky thing off the back and stick them on, so simple. The only mistake I made whilst applying them, was that I didn't push them far enough down towards my cuticles, which meant that I kept getting my hair caught in the nails and BOY did that hurt.

Kiss ImPRESS Fake Nails - Next Wave

Kiss ImPRESS Fake Nails - Swept Away

They stayed on for a week, A WEEK, until I then took them off due to the fact that my hair kept getting caught in them... If not, I'm pretty sure they would of lasted longer. Removing them wasn't as difficult as I thought I'd be, and they didn't damage my real nails either. To make them easier to get off, I soaked each nail in nail polish remover and slowly peeled them off.

I have to say, I am seriously ImPRESSed (ha ha get it?) by these nails and how well they stayed on. They stayed put after me washing up, changing bedding, pulling my bed out, getting dressed... everything! I wasn't careful with them, and they didn't even come lose.  

I haven't used the pink ones yet, as I am saving them for a Christmas meal. These nails are perfect for that! I got so many compliments on them too, I'm a big fan. Have you tried the KISS ImPRESS nails yet? If so, let me know in the comments.

*Items in this post have been sent to me to review, but all words and opinions here are my own.


  1. i used to wear stick on nails all the time! mainly because i like the little designs they had on them and they are SO damn affordable! youre making me wanna go out and buy the most festive nails possible now haha!

    katie. xx ♥

    1. You should definitely try these then! I was so impressed by them and by the fact that they didn't damage my nails underneath.. xx


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