Blogmas Day 7 || Mad Beauty For Christmas*

As much as I love buying main presents for Christmas, the stockings are so much more fun to put together. Last year I included a lot of bath stuff and small products in my mums, because everybody loves a good bath product. So when Mad Beauty* sent me some of their Christmas goodies, I was very excited to see what they had.
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that they sent me an advent calendar with these little goodies too. I thought that it would be better to film a video for that one, so I filmed a opening video that you can watch on my YouTube channel.

Disney Bambi Bath Fizzer Set

One thing Mad Beauty are really good for are their Disney themed products, I have featured a few before that you can read here. So these Bambi bath fizzers are definitely my favorite things from this lot of goodies, not only for their pretty packaging but also because they smell amazing. 

Just look at them, they're like cute little parcels. You could probably just put them in the socking like that and they'd look just as good as if you wrapped them up. Once you open them up they are just blocks, they don't have a pattern on them which is a bit of a shame but I suppose it doesn't really matter anyway. Once you plop them in the bath, you'll instantly get a lovely fresh scent filling the room - making them perfect for a wake up bath instead of a relaxing one. 

Mad Beauty Santa & Friends Hand Sanitizers 
Lip Gloss Company Snowman & Robin Duo 
Lip Gloss Company Ginger Man

Now, personally I'm not a massive fan of lip glosses, so I wouldn't go and buy these for adult stockings. I think they'd be great for kids, I know my niece would love them just because they look cute. As for the hand sanitizers, these one's are a bit different to my usual ones as they are sprays instead of a gel. They both have lovely Christmas scents to them, The Santa one is cranberry and the Snowman one is marshmallow and by marshmallow they mean it just has a really sweet smell to it. 
I've actually been carrying the hand sanizers around with me since mid November because I'm so ready for Christmas, I need everyone to know that. 

Mad Beauty have a lot of cute Christmas stuff, perfect stocking fillers for everyone, so if you haven't checked out their website yet then I'd highly recommend you do. Are you planning to fill any stockings with Mad Beauty products this year? Let me know in the comments. 

*Although items in this post were gifted to me, all words and opinions here are my own.