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L'Oreal primer vs Revlon primer.

About a year ago I went out to the shops hunting for a primer that would be good for oily skin. After looking around a bit, I was recommended the L'Oreal Infallible primer. The lady in the shop told me that it is a great primer and will be just fine on oily skin.

Avon £8 bargain bag.

A few weeks ago, a family friend came round to visit and brought along an Avon magazine. I hadn't bought Avon products for ages. I used to sell Avon and there are a few good products that I would love to purchase again. As I was flicking through the magazine, I came across the bargain bags. It's kind of like a goody bag really, you don't know what is going to be in it. There were different types of bags, but I went for the £8 one. 

Fool proof Easter cupcakes

Easter is getting close and I thought I would make some fool proof Easter cupcakes. Perfect for when you have visitors and need something quick and easy to make. 

A morning out.

When it gets to the weekend, it's nice to do something different. I know that if you have been at work all week it is tempting to binge watch any series and chill, but you do feel a lot better if you get up and go out. 

So this weekend my mum and I decided to go down to the Canal with Max (the dog) take a walk and have lunch at a pub nearby. So i grabbed my camera and made the most of a nice day.


Pay day came around and I decided to take my time looking around Superdrug. I have recently discovered Superdrug, so it's like being a kid in a sweet shop. Everything is amazing and I always have the excuse to buy so that I can post it on my blog, right?

What's in my bag?

I decided to do a "what's in my bag post" because I enjoy reading them, so I thought that I would also enjoy writing one. There's something interesting about seeing what other people keep in their bag, don't ya think?