A morning out.

When it gets to the weekend, it's nice to do something different. I know that if you have been at work all week it is tempting to binge watch any series and chill, but you do feel a lot better if you get up and go out. 

So this weekend my mum and I decided to go down to the Canal with Max (the dog) take a walk and have lunch at a pub nearby. So i grabbed my camera and made the most of a nice day.

There were some really lovely houses! What an amazing place to live, so calm with the canal in your back garden. If we lived there, Max would be in having a swim all the time and would be a pain.

We also saw some swans, they came straight over to see us (well I think they came looking for food, but they were let down). Max was curious and got close to have a sniff but quickly ran away when one of the swans went for him. Big strong dog, ran and wouldn't go near it again! 

After walking down the canal, we reached Kings Langley. What I saw of it, it is a sweet town. We asked for the closest pub and ended up at The Saracens Head. A cosy dog friendly pub, perfect for us. 

I ordered an onion, cheese , mushroom and sausage baguette and it was amazing. The service is great and they are really friendly. I will be going back, that's for sure!

It was really nice to do something different at the weekend, to get a bit of fresh air too. Would love to do things like this more often. Any places you recommend visiting? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. I love weekend adventures like this, Luke and I can't wait to go exploring in the warmer weather. xx

    1. It's nice to get out! Let me know if you discover any where cool! X

  2. I love canal walks. Maybe next weekend :)

    1. The only bad thing is the swallowing of mosquitos...


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