Avon £8 bargain bag.

A few weeks ago, a family friend came round to visit and brought along an Avon magazine. I hadn't bought Avon products for ages. I used to sell Avon and there are a few good products that I would love to purchase again. As I was flicking through the magazine, I came across the bargain bags. It's kind of like a goody bag really, you don't know what is going to be in it. There were different types of bags, but I went for the £8 one. 

I must say that I am really impressed and happy with the products that came in it. They are all full sized products. It's nice because they are things that I probably wouldn't of picked out, but might like. So it kind of makes you be a bit more experimental. I like the fact that it didn't come with loads of skin care stuff because I feel like there are so many types of skin it would be difficult for them to get the right products for each person. 

It came with; a metallic effects nail polish, a red color trend lipstick, a glimmerstick blue eyeliner, an orange flavored lip balm and some stick on patterns for your toe nails. 
I am excited to try out the nail polish, it isn't really a color I would pick up so it will be nice to try something new! I think the only thing I might not use are the patterns for your toe nails, I don't know yet! 

I will definitely be buying another bargain bag and posting it on here. It's a great little treat! Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments! 

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