What's in my bag?

I decided to do a "what's in my bag post" because I enjoy reading them, so I thought that I would also enjoy writing one. There's something interesting about seeing what other people keep in their bag, don't ya think? 

This handbag is my smaller handbag that I bought a few weeks ago from Very. It's a River Island bag, great for the essentials. They have it in River Islands in loads of different colours, I might get a black one soon! 

Now, I have to admit that I had taken all the rubbish out of it before I took the photos. I had been shopping the day before so I had loads of receipts screwed up at the bottom.
I usually have a bigger bag, but since I bought this one , I use this one at the weekend. With the bigger ones, it gets to a point in the day where it's too heavy and annoying. 

What's in my bag: 
- IPhone 5S 
- Superdrug compact hairbrush with mirror.
- Bershka compact mirror.
- Primark purse.
- Avon red lipstick.
- Retractable make up brush.
- Superdrug eye drops.
- Apple head phones. 
And my keys, that aren't in the photo. 

I don't always carry around the same lipstick, I carry the one that I am wearing to reapply during the day. I usually only have to reapply if I have something to eat. 

I did have a bigger purse too but when I downsized my handbag, I had to downsize my purse too. This purse is perfect, I think it cost me about three pounds.

I would love to read your posts too! Let me know if you have done a "What's in my bag" post in the comments. 

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  1. Ooo I really like the bag, but like you I normally have a larger bag so not sure how I would cope with the downsize!

    1. I do too. But I was tired of carrying around half my bedroom, so when I saw this one I went for it! x

  2. You're making me want to use a smaller bag but I equally need to carry as much junk around with me as possible to feel like I can adult. xx

    1. haha I am like that too. I had to downsize my purse too just so I could fit more unneeded stuff in my bag x

  3. I absolutely love what's in the bag posts!! Probably because I love being nosy hehe. I don't think I would ever downsize my handbag .. I NEED to have everything I could ever need hehe!! If you want you can have a peek of what I keep in mine! http://buff.ly/24WDidB
    Great read lovely !!


    1. I regretted downsizing! Now I can't just shove everything in my bag now :( xx

  4. Wow, that looks quite modest in comparison what I carry around daily! I did a What's In My Handbag post a while ago if you'd like to have a look? Hope to speak soon x


    Caz | Style Lingua

    1. I suffer when I go out with this bag, not going to lie! I will check it out x


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