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Maybelline Instant anti-age concealer review

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I've been eying up this Maybelline Instant anti-age concealer for a while now. Not because it's anti-age, but more because I was curious to try its applicator. I've never really been a massive fan of products that already come with applicators, mainly because having acne-prone skin means I have to keep my brushes very clean. So the thought of having a concealer that has the applicator attached to it, well it kind of put me off a bit. However, after hearing such good things about it, I justified using it because I would only be using it under my eyes and I can't say I've ever had a breakout there. 

Maybelline Instant anti-age concealer

So after nearly a year of debating if I should get it every time I needed a new concealer, I went for it. You'd think I was debating spending a fortune, I wasn't... The Maybelline Instant Anti-Age concealer is budget-friendly - I picked it up for £8.99 from Superdrug. I went for the Ivory one, as I'm rather pale. A lot of the reviews on Superdrug's website were about the shades of the concealer, with a lot of people complaining that it just wasn't light enough for them and that it was too orange. This surprised me, as the main thing I noticed when I first tried it out was how illuminating it is - Making it the perfect shade for under my eyes.

When I first opened it, I couldn't figure out how to get the product to come out. The top of it clicks round, so I clicked it and clicked it and no product came out. I did a bit of research and found out that on the first use, you really have to keep clicking it around for a while until the product comes out. I eventually got it to come out, after that it came out after two clicks.

What exactly makes it anti-aging you ask? Well, the Maybelline Instant anti-age concealer not only covers, but it also enriched with Goji Berry that contains amino acids helping improve the skins tone whilst hydrating it and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Just the ingredient you want in a product for your eyes.

So is it really worth the hype? I've seen a lot of people raving about this concealer, about how amazing the coverage is and how nicely it sits. I could see what they were raving about as soon as I'd applied it. This Maybelline concealer has a lovely thick texture that sits weightlessly on your skin providing excellent coverage. I applied the concealer with the applicator on it and then blended it in with a brush, I wanted to use a beauty blender but mine must have grown legs and ran off because I can't find it anywhere. Either that or I've misplaced it, but the legs theory seems much more likely. Anyway, it blended beautifully and left my skin illuminated and even.

I was a bit disappointed with how it held out during the day, by lunchtime it needed touching up as it had started to crease a bit. It wasn't anything too excessive, but after seeing so many people saying how amazing it held, I did expect a bit more. I tried setting it the next time I used it too, hoping it would make a difference, it didn't. Have you tried this Maybelline Instant anti-age concealer? What did you think?


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