The Perfect Lipstick For a Summer Evening

NARS "Pierce" Powermatte Lip Luster metallic lipstick

Yes, I really am going to post about another red lipstick. This time there's a twist though, it's a metallic one... I've never used a metallic lipstick before I don't think. In case you haven't noticed yet, red lipsticks are my favourite bit of makeup. I honestly can't resist a good red lipstick, so when I came across a few in the John Lewis sale... I had to pick them up. One of those lipsticks was this NARS "Pierce" Powermatte Lip Luster metallic lipstick. I'd never tried anything from NARS, so now seemed like a good time to do so.

I'll admit that this red is a bit darker than my usual Summer lipstick, I was initially planning on wearing it in Autumn. However, I took it on holiday with me - You know, just in case - and when I wore it out in the evening, combined with my red dress from River Island, I fell in love.

NARS "Pierce" Powermatte Lip Luster metallic lipstick

This NARS "Pierce" metallic lipstick may be a bit too dark to pull off during the day in Summer, but I thought it was the perfect Summer evening lipstick. The sun is going down, your skin is glowing from being out in the sun all day and you're feeling relaxed as can be - combine that with this gorgeous red lippy and you're on fire.

This is a liquid lipstick though, which will dry your lips out a bit more than a creamy one. I didn't have any issues with it as I was constantly applying SPF and making sure I kept my lips hydrated. I always put Vaseline on before I go to bed, otherwise, they look horrible and dry. As long as your lips haven't dried out from being in the sun or in the sea, then you should be okay.

NARS "Pierce" Powermatte Lip Luster metallic lipstick review

I wore this out a couple of times when I was in Gran Canaries and it held beautifully all evening. I topped it up slightly after dinner, but that was because I'd had spaghetti so the centre of my lips was needing a bit more lipstick. Can I just also say, that I'm impressed that it didn't smudge while I was eating the spaghetti. I tried to cut it up and eat it elegantly, as we were at a fancy restaurant, but that didn't work at all.

Like I said, I did pick up some more lipsticks in the John Lewis sale, but they're definitely not for this season. But keep an eye out, they will be making an appearance on here at some point. Have you ever tried any of the NARS lipsticks? What did you think to them?