3 Dresses You'll Want This Summer

Dresses for Summer 2019

As soon as I'd booked my flights, I was resisting the urge to go out and buy a load of new Summer clothes. Not only for my holiday but also for Summer, as most of my clothes are black and not great for the warmer months. Resisting buying clothes didn't last long... First, it was just the one dress, but before I knew it I'd bought three new dresses that are absolutely perfect for Summer.

Can I just say, before I get into it, that taking dresses on holiday with you is the best idea ever. Not only do they take up less space, but it's so much easier than having to actually plan outfits and match tops with bottoms - Lazy, I know.

Red Belted button front midi dress

River Island Red Belted button front midi dress

Let's start with this beautiful red midi dress that I picked up from River Island just before I went away. What made me go for it? The colour, I love a red dress. Actually, red and black clothing are my top picks. So when I spotted this red belted button dress in River Islands sale, how could I not get it? It came with the belt too, which I thought was perfect as I didn't have to worry about accessorizing it.

I wore this out one evening for a meal and I felt amazing in it if I'm honest. I will say, it is very low cut. Which I didn't realise before going on holiday, so I didn't have a top to put underneath. Next time I wear it, it'll be paired with a fancy bra or a black strappy top.

Mix Animal cold shoulder maxi dress

Select Mix Animal cold shoulder maxi dress

This dress is by far my favourite one. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on the Select Fashion website. I recently discovered Select Fashion and, I have to say, I am in love with their clothes and prices.

What I love about this animal print maxi dress, is that it's so light and flowy with a longer back to it. I have a couple of dresses and skirts that have longer backs to them and I absolutely love them. When I wore this on holiday, I wore it with sandals and this material belt it came with, it was too hot for anything else. However, I wore it last weekend (Back in the UK) with some boots and a black waist belt, which paired up nicely and was much more fitting for the UK weather. 

Black & white midi dress

Primark Black & white midi dress

When the new Primark in Milton Keynes opened, I was very excited to go and have a look. However, when I booked my flights, which gave me a great excuse to go and have a shop instead of just a look. I had an idea of what I was looking for when I went in, I'd seen this style of dress around and loved them. I was on the hunt for one that fitted my style, and that's when I came across this black and white buttoned dress.

I can't remember how much it costs, I think it was about £12 - I can't verify that or link it because Primark isn't online (Unfortunately). I don't think this one is much of an evening dress though, I wore this one out for a more chilled afternoon/evening as I think it fits that vibe more. The red one seems a bit more fancy and outgoing. The material for this one is a bit heavier than the two previous dresses though, so if you're looking for something lightweight, this probably isn't for you.

So those are my three dresses for this Summer, dresses I think everyone should have. If none of these are really your cup of tea, you should definitely check out Select Fashion. They have so many types of dresses, that are all budget friendly and good quality. I'm hoping their Autumn clothing is just as good.

Also, I nearly forgot to say, I actually managed to find a pair of sandals that I liked too, which surprised me as I usually panic buy a pair I don't really like which just end up rubbing my feet and then breaking. That was until my dearest Deichmann saved me, yet again. I came across these sandals in their Milton Keynes store and they are so comfortable, such good quality and I love how simple they are so I can match them with every dress.