The Body Shop's Tea Tree Collection For Acne-Prone Skin

The Body Shop Tea Tree review

I've used a fair amount of products with tea tree in over the years. It's one of those ingredients that you're drawn to if you have acne prone and blemished skin. Why? Because it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect to help fight those pesky spots. So when I went into The Body Shop the other day and spotted their Tea Tree collection, I had to pick it up and give it a go - But was it any good? 

I actually went into The Body Shop looking for their famous charcoal facemask. However, when I saw the price of it I decided against it. I'd already been in Primark, so I'd already spent far too much money and couldn't justify spending £17 on one product (Although I will soon no doubt). Just as I was about to leave the shop, being smart with my money for once, the Tea Tree collection caught my eye.

In the past, I've used their Tea Tree oil as a more targeted way of dealing with the odd spot. I was happy with the results from the oil, so when I saw these and the budget-friendly prices they came with, I had to pick them up. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree products reviewed

Let's start with the "Tea tree, skin clearing facial wash" and the "Tea tree skin clearing mattifying toner". I've been using both of these daily, am and pm, for over three weeks now - More than enough time to make my mind up about them. 

For some reason, I couldn't actually find the toner on their website. But I'm pretty sure both the toner and the facial wash cost only £6.50 for 250ml - Good right? I thought it was, which is another reason I picked them up. Aimed at blemished skin and well priced? Get in my basket. 

The one thing that worried me about using these products daily am and pm was that they might dry my skin out. From my experience, tea tree oil can be pretty drying... So using so much of it every day, I thought I'd be having to follow them up with a heavy moisturiser. I was wrong. The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing facial wash was so gentle on my skin, it never left it feeling like it'd been stripped of all it's natural oils. However, both products do taste vile, so try not to get them in your mouth. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree review

After cleansing my face, I would drop a few drops of the skin clearing mattifying toner onto my palm, rub my hands together and gently pat it onto my face. A word of advice, you really do only need a few drops of this and it comes out fast so be careful. I learnt a lot from using these products. 

After this routine, my skin would feel so fresh and cleansed. Did they get rid of my spots? No. Did they help calm my skin and blemishes? Yes. I don't really ever expect a product to work miracles on spots. However, using a product that calms your spots and takes away the horrible sore redness, is definitely a bonus. Which is exactly what I found The Body Shop tea tree products did. 

The Body Shop Tea tree anti-imperfection night mask review

After trying out the Glow Recipe sleep mask, these kinds of products have most definitely been on my radar. Being able to lather your skin in something so it can work wonders while you sleep, is great. Especially if you sometimes don't have time to actually do a facemask during the day, while you're awake. So when I spotted The Body Shops "Tea tree anti-imperfection night mask" for only £12, I had to pick it up. 

Yes, I know... I keep saying that I "had to pick it up" but it's how I justify things, so let me have it. 

Anyway, I was pretty impressed at the size (that's what she said) of the pot for the price, is tea tree cheap or something? I was excited to get this home and get it on my face. My skin was having a bit of a moment and I had high hopes for my new night mask. Not only does it contain tea tree, but it also contains salicylic acid - Both great ingredients for acne-prone and blemished skin. 

That night, I opened up my new tea tree anti-imperfections night mask, only to be surprised by the texture of it. It looks and feels like jelly, which meant it looked so smooth and satisfying and it made me a bit sad that I had to ruin it to get it onto my face. I stuck my fingers in and covered my face in this very smelly face mask. Unlike the Glow Recipe one, it's not pillow friendly, which means it didn't soak up as nicely into my skin. I could feel it sitting on my skin, it was a bit sticky but not sticky enough that I felt uncomfortable. 

Tea Tree products for acne & blemishes

The next morning, I woke up, excited to see the results. Off I went to the bathroom to wash off my sticky facemask - I'm not sure why I'm writing this like it's some kind of story, sorry - Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the results of The Body Shops tea tree anti-imperfection night mask. My pesky blemishes had reduced in size and my angry spots had done some meditating and calmed down. 

I find myself reaching for their night-mask when my skin is breaking out or I have a fair amount of blemishes making an unwanted appearance. I was also pleasantly surprised when I used it again a couple of days later, and the texture had gone back to looking exactly how it was before I used it the first time. Due to it being rather jelly-like, it goes back into place after you use it. 

Final thoughts? Well, first of all, this post is longer than I expected it to be. Also, I loved the products and I would definitely buy them again. They're budget-friendly, they do what they're said to do and you get a fair amount of product in them. I reckon they'd last a good few months. 

Have you tried The Body Shops Tea Tree range? What did you think?