My holiday skincare routine

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As someone who recently got heavily into their skincare regime, going on holiday somewhere hot meant finding one that would be fitting. The only problem with this was the liquid allowance on the flight over there, this meant that I had to leave out a few steps. So what steps did I leave out and what products did I pick to keep my skin looking healthy in the sun? 

aqua micellar deliplus

Micellar water was the first thing I had to ditch. Why? Because I felt like it was a pretty easy product to find elsewhere, so I figured I could just pick some up at the other end. Which I did, I picked up this Deliplus basic micellar water from Mercadona. If you've ever been to any part of Spain, you've probably seen a Mercadona supermarket. Although it's nothing like an ASDA, it does have a good selection of cosmetics for a pretty good price. Don't ask me how much, because I can't remember... But it was a good price for the size of the product. 

Having tried cheaper, less popular micellar waters in the past, I was a little worried it wouldn't actually remove my makeup very well and that it'd leave a horrible residue on my skin after. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. It removed my makeup well and left my skin ready for the second step in my holiday skincare regime. 

Sanctuary spa travel products

When I was shopping for travel-friendly products, I came across a lot of Sanctuary Spa products. Although I hadn't set out looking for any type of product in particular when I came across these ones  I thought they sounded ideal. All I knew I wanted, was something hydrating as the skin dries out your skin. 

First up we have the moisture burst face wash, what attracted me to this one is pretty much in the name. This Sanctuary Spa daily cleanser contains bursting jojoba beads to exfoliate your skin, nourishing almond oil and gently cleanses your skin. This water-based product has a gel texture to it and gently cleanses your skin, leaving it feeling fresh without drying it out. Honestly, I kinda love it. This one is only 30ml, which I wasn't sure would be enough for the week. However, you really only need a tiny bit, so I'll probably have a lot left over when my holiday ends. 

To hydrate my skin, I bought two different products. You're probably wondering why I bought two moisturizers with me when I had to limit my liquids... Well, it's because I wanted something a bit heavier for the evening so my skin could recuperate and rehydrate after a day of being out in the sun and in the pool. 

For the mornings, I bought the Sanctuary Spa protect & illuminate moisture lotion with SPF 15 - Which is really low so I made sure I picked up an actual SPF cream too. What I like about this one is that it leaves your skin bright and glowing, it's also said to blur your skin but I don't think it did. This moisturizer has a very thin texture to it, it reminds me of the Botanics radiance balm. Who doesn't want glowy skin? Especially on holiday. This product has you covered. 

As for the evenings, I bought the Sanctuary Spa supercharged hyaluronic face & neck cream. Again, the reason I picked this one is pretty much in the name. It contains hydrating hyaluronic acid, plumping Matrixly Synthe 6 (not sure what that is) and nourishing shea butter - Perfect for skin that has been out in the sun all day. I'll admit that this one has a very thick and heavy texture, at first I was worried it would cause my skin to break out but it's been okay so far. 

Garnier sensitive SPF review

 SPF, the most important thing for me personally. I suppose it's pretty important for everyone, but what I mean is that it took me ages to find an SPF that I actually wanted to put on my face. I wanted SPF 50 and I wanted one that wouldn't be really heavy and greasy on my skin. That's when I came across the Garnier sensitive advance non-greasy SPF

Now, although it's a bit heavier than my usual moisturizer, it doesn't leave a horrible greasy residue behind like some SPF creams do. I have been using this as my last step in my morning skincare regime and I haven't burnt so far and my skin hasn't broken out either - So I'd say it's a win and I'd recommend it. 

Last but not least, a face mask. I didn't bring one over with me and I hadn't intended to buy one. However, when I was browsing the products in Mercadona and came across this mineral of the dead seas face mask, I couldn't help but pick it up. I figured that I could use it in the middle of the week to give my skin a bit of a boost, as it's meant for dry skin and cleanses your pores. 

As you can tell, I had to cut out two major steps from my skincare routine. My eye cream and my toner, I probably could have taken them but my foundation and contact lenses took up a lot of space too. How do you look after your skin on holiday? What are your go-to products?