The Scent for Spring With The Fragrance Shop

DSquared2 Wood Pour Femme perfume

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A new season means a new scent is a must and when it comes to Spring and Summer, fresh yet sweet perfume is the way to go. So when The Fragrance Shop sent me the DSquared2 Wood Pour Femme perfume I was pleasantly surprised and immediately knew it'd be the one I reach for this Spring.

DSquared2 Wood Pour Femme perfume

I'd never heard of DSquared2 before, but then again I'm not really up to date with all the brands and latest releases. When I first saw the name "Wood" I immediately thought that it would be a warmer woody kind of scent, the kind I would reach for in Autumn or Winter. 

However, I was wrong, something that rarely happens (I wish). Wood Pour Femme is described as a contemporary and vibrant composition that contains Sicilian mandarin and raspberry leaf combined with lily of the valley and magnolia. It's also infused with osmanthus, jasmine and notes of white woods and cedar. All of this combined creates the perfect fresh and sweet scent that is the DSquared2 Wood Pour Femme perfume.

I love a sweet scent, but I know some people can find that sweeter perfumes can be a bit overpowering. I personally don't think this one is, when you apply it, it leaves a subtle scent behind. It kind of reminds me of being on holiday, when you've been next to the pool all day, in the sun and the you've gone back to your room to shower and get ready to go out for a meal. You know what I mean? That's how it makes me feel when I put it on, like I'm on holiday. Then I realise I'm actually on my way out the door to go to work and my world comes crashing down around me ~drama queen~ but for that brief moment, it's a lovely feeling.

DSquared2 Wood Pour Femme perfume

If you want to try out new perfumes, try and find your new scent for the season, The Fragrance Shop have an amazing scent subscription service that you can read all about here. However, I'd highly recommend the DSquared2 Wood Pour Femme perfume. Did I mention it has a magnetic lid on it? You won't be losing that at the bottom of your bag - Which is something that happens to me a lot.