The Four Revolution Primers Reviewed

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I was casually scrolling through Twitter, as I do endlessly when I saw a Revolution tweet about their new primers.  Four of them, that I couldn't choose from. So, I somehow convinced myself that I needed to try all four of them and at £6 a primer I couldn't resist putting them all to the test and sharing my thoughts on them. So here is a review of Revolution Beauty's primers.

Revolution Mattify Primer

"Shine be gone"

The first time I tried this I have to say, I wasn't too impressed. However, that's because I applied it straight after moisturizing and then didn't actually put any foundation on after. So, it just kind of sat on my skin feeling a bit sticky and leaving me rather disappointed. I wanted to give it another go so,  I used it again another day, for work, with a foundation as you're supposed to and instantly noticed the difference. 

With its clear gel formula, a little goes a long way and provides a matte base for your foundation. I checked up on it throughout the day at work and I was impressed, I didn't have to touch it up throughout the day and my foundation didn't go all patchy either. It kept my skin shine free without drying it out due to the fact that it contains Vitamin E to help nourish your skin. The perfect combination for a matte primer if you ask me. 

Revolution Pore Blur Primer

"Reduce and minimize the appearance of pores" 

This one kind of reminds me of the Benefit POREfessional primer, but a lot cheaper. I really like the Benefit one but rarely buy it due to the price. So trying this one and having the same results as the was amazing, I'm very happy. 

As soon as I applied the gel it instantly left a lovely soft silky kind of feeling on my skin, the perfect base for my foundation. It was so light on my skin too, I didn't feel like I'd just added an extra layer of makeup, more like a soft silky protection layer to smoothen out my skin. 

This primer also contains Vitamin E to help nourish your skin, meaning it didn't dry out my skin either and kept my makeup in place all day - I'm very impressed. 

Revolution Colour Correct Primer

"Helps balance and neutralise any red tones, resulting in a neutral base for makeup application"

Now this one, was slightly disappointing. It is said to neutralise any red tones leave your skin even for makeup application. So when I applied it, I expected it to have a bit more coverage than it actually did. Don't get me wrong, it evened out some of my less visible blemishes. However, the more visible ones were left looking the same. The day I used this, I had woken up with a lovely spot coming up and a brighter blemish on my cheek too. Which was kind of perfect because it meant I could put it to the test. 

I applied it, expecting it to even my skin tone out and was immediately let down. As much as it coved up the odd blemish, I find using a thicker colour corrector on the affected areas, does a better job than this primer. It didn't have a thick enough texture to cover up those spots and blemishes that really stand out if you know what I mean? 

This primer is supposed to have multi-tasking benefits including reducing wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne and hyperpigmentation - So I thought it was going to do a better job. If you have a breakout or suffer from bad acne, I wouldn't really recommend this primer due to its low coverage. However, if you just have a bit of uneven skin and the odd permanent blemish then this will do the job while also holding your makeup in place throughout the day.

Revolution Hydrate Primer

"The perfect skin pick me up"

I knew when I bought this that there was a high chance my skin wouldn't get along with it, I have rather oily skin so using a hydrating primer didn't seem like a good idea. However, I still wanted to give it a chance. 

This primer contains Vitamin E and Hyaluronate Acid that instantly hydrates your skin, it is supposed to be a fast-absorbing and lightweight water-based primer. But I didn't get those results. The primer is really liquidy, it was like applying a spray on suncream to my face but without the smell. As soon as I applied it I knew it wasn't going to go well, as my skin was left feeling sticky and as if the product had just sat there. However, I still gave it a chance and applied the rest of my makeup for the day. 

Unlike the other primers from this collection, by lunchtime, this one had resulted in my foundation going rather patchy and my skin feeling really oily. It wasn't a nice feeling at all, I was eager to get home and take it off, which is something that I didn't experience with the previous ones. I think this primer would be a lot better for people that have dry skin, but not for me. 

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So what are my final thoughts on these four Revolution primers? I loved the Mattify and Pore Blur one, and will definitely be using them often. The Colour Correct one was okay, but I expected better coverage - I'll use it up but I won't be repurchasing it as I find using thicker colour correctors does a better job. Then the Hydrate one, I will most definitely be giving this one to someone with a different skin type to me as I'd rather not ever have to use it again. Hydrating primers and oily skin just don't go. 

Have you tried any of these Revolution primers? What did you think to them?