Blogmas Day 12 || Revisiting Old Palettes

I'll admit that I am slightly addicted to makeup. I don't wear it every day, but I like having a good selection to choose from when I actually decide to spend time doing it. One of the products that I found myself collecting are palettes, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you. I will admit, most of them are Makeup Revolution ones.

Now, I did want to include my Too Faced Gingerbread Spice one but I thought that because I'd already featured it on the blog recently, there was no point on featuring it again so soon. So here are my most used palettes.

Revolution "Life on The Dance Floor" After Party 

I believe I bought this one this time last year due to its lovely glittery shades, making it perfect for festive makeup. My most used shades from this palette are the blacks and greys, because much like my clothes... My makeup is usually black. This palette has two black shades to pick from, one matte and one glittery.

Revolution "Pro Looks" Big Love

The great thing about this palette is that it has three set looks for you to pick from, making it a bit easier when you can't be bothered to get creative. It also has lovely shades of gold in it, making it also perfect for the festive season. There's a high chance I will be using this one to do my makeup for my Christmas work meal.

NYX Ultimate "Brights"

This NYX palette is the most colourful one I have I believe. It's packed full of colours that I try very hard to include into more of my makeup looks. My most used shade from this palette is the red, although it does come out a bit more pinky than I had hoped. 

Revolution "Run Boy Run"
I can't find this one online

I know, I know... more dark shades. This is a rather glittery palette, with the only matte ones being the round ones at the bottom. I love the pink shade in this palette as you can see, it's the most used. The black shade at the bottom in the round bit is great to define your makeup, as it is extremely pigmented

I picked this one up a while ago because of the blue in it, however, I've only really used the beige and gold shades in it along with the matte black at the bottom. I find myself reaching for this one when I want to do a very subtle look with the beige tones. 

What palettes do you have that you keep going back to? Have you tried any of these yet? Let me know in the comments.

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