Blogmas Day 13 || The Game-Changing Mascara

As someone who doesn't really ever bother with fake lashes, I am always trying out new mascaras to see what one can help my lashes actually be visible. So when I spotted the L'Oreal Unlimited Pro Volume Bendable mascara* I had to give it a go. Was it going to be any good?
I spotted this mascara a while ago and it sat in my favourites on Very for a while, I couldn't decide if I was ready to spend nearly £11 on a high-street mascara. What if it was a disappointment? I ended up buying it to try so I could share the results on my blog in case anyone else was wondering if it was worth spending the money on.

This mascara is said to be a game-changing mascara thanks to its bendable wand for more precise application and helps you reach every lash. Leaving you with lengthened, volumised and defined lashes that don't clump together. Due to its intense black colour, it also gives a higher-impact look that lasts all day.

If you've read any of my previous reviews on mascaras you'll know that I don't really like mascaras that make my lashes look fake and spider-like. I prefer mascaras that add volume and thickness to my natural lashes and enhance them without changing them too much. 

I found that the L'Oreal Unlimited Pro Volume Bendable mascara did exactly that, it enhanced my natural lashes making them stand out without clumping. As soon as I applied it I was pleasantly surprised by the results, my lashes instantly looked volumised and thicker, but would it hold out well during the day or would they crumble and leave bits under my eyes? 

I wore it to work, the ultimate test, wondering if it holds as well as it's said to. I will admit that it does make your lashes feel a bit stiff, unlike the YSL mascara that I reviewed not long ago. Which can be a bit annoying and uncomfortable for everyday use. 

When I got home I checked my makeup to see if it was still there and  I was delighted to see that it hadn't crumbled onto my face nor had it transferred to my eyelids, though I suppose you need long lashes for that and I do not have long lashes, as you can see. 

I am very happy with the results of the L'Oreal Paris Unlimited Pro Volume Bendable mascara, it's long lasting and enhances my lashes perfectly. The only downside is how stiff it makes them, so I'd probably stick to wearing this if I go out or do my makeup nicely - as I worry it may damage my lashes if used every day.

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