Blogmas Day 11 || High-End Handbags For Christmas

Do you ever find yourself handbag shopping for handbags so far out of your price range that it's merely a dream? Because I do and far too often lately. I've gone from not being bothered about them, to constantly adding them to the top of my wishlists, a wishlist that is just that... a wish. So I thought I would put together a post featuring some of the handbags that have caught my eye, it makes me feel like I'm being more productive if I make a post out of it ya know?

With it being Christmas, it feels like the perfect time of year to share these handbags as we're all adding things we're hoping to see under our Christmas tree, to our lists. Hoping Santa will start giving out high-end handbags and all, as you do.

This obsession with handbags all started when I spotted the Love Moschino studded handbag on Very Exclusive's website, I'm currently lusting over it - in red - but thought I'd add the black to the list as I know some people prefer to get black handbags as they're easier to match with your outfits. My wardrobe mainly consists of black and red clothes, so I feel like I could pull a red handbag off okay.

As you can see, I'm a big fan of studded bags. Although to be fair, I like studs on my boots too. The worse thing with studs is that some are gold and some are silver, meaning you have to make sure you're matched to it. Just FYI, I find silver studs much easier to match to things.

I thought I would include some purses in the mix too, because who doesn't want a nice purse to match their nice handbag? If I actually bought these handbags I wouldn't actually have any money left to put in it, however, I will carry on dreaming.

Have you got any high-end handbags on your wish list this Christmas?

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