Blogmas Day 14 || Candles for Christmas

If you read my blog often or follow me on social media, you'll know that I am a big fan of Pick n Melts wax melts. I've spoken about them a few times on my blog before, so when I got home from work one evening and discovered a rather large package* from them, I was over the moon. They had sent me their advent calendar (I know, amazing), some festive wax melts and these two boxes of candles. I thought that these sets would make perfect gifts for Christmas so I thought I'd share them on here.

First of all, we have bigger candles. I would get these for someone that likes to burn the same scent often, as they will last longer than the smaller ones...obviously. You can get a set of four, eight, twelve or sixteen and you get to select what scents you want in the set. I was sent a set of four with the scents Fresh Linen, Black Opium, Thai Line & Mango and Christmas Spice. I'll admit, I started burning the Christmas Spice one as soon as I received them. The Fresh Linen is another favourite of mine, I love burning this one when I've cleaned or need to clean but can't be bothered. It makes it smell like I've done loads of washing, so it kind of makes me feel like I've been productive. 

Here we have a set of nine smaller candles, for those who like to burn lots of different scents. These ones are so cute, they look like mini jam jars. You can pick from a set of nine, eighteen, twenty-seven or thirty-six and you also get to pick what scents you'd wish them to be. 

I was so kindly sent Clementine & Prosecco, Creed, Fruit Cake, Raspberry Trifle, Black Opium, Fruity Crimbo, Coco Loco, Joop and Christmas Spice. I'm not going to lie, they all smell amazing. 

These sets would make great Christmas presents, I know my Mum would love to see them under the tree as she loves candles just as much as me...Probably where I get it from. 

*Items in this post were gifted to me but all words and opinions here are my own.