Blogmas Day 10 || My Top Hair Care Products

Having rather fine hair means it gets damaged and dry very easily, so I always make sure to have a good stock of products to choose from when needed. So in today's post, I am going to share some of my favourite hair care products with you. 
I do dye my hair and have recently been bleaching my hair to add colours to it, so now more than ever it has been needing a bit of extra care. A few years ago I went from red to blonde in one day and completely fried my hair, so I've learnt the hard way to take care of my hair. 

I love TRESemme's products, I always use their shampoos and conditioners as I find that for the price, you get a load of product that my hair really loves. Plus, they have so many different ones that no matter what you're looking for they have it, I have been using their colour one recently but I do love their volumising one too. 

This hair mask contains Marula Oil and deeply conditions your hair leaving it feeling incredibly soft and silky. Plus it does a great job at detangling your hair, so if you have hair that's a bit of a pain to brush, I'd highly recommend this one. I reach for this one when my hair is feeling a bit more on the dry side. 

Aussie, oh Aussie... If you feel like your hair needs some serious help then I'd highly recommend you try one of Aussie's products. Remember before when I said that I burnt my hair a few years ago by bleaching it? Yeah, well if it wasn't for Aussie products I don't know what I would have done. 

This Aussie product, in particular, is a reconstructor for damaged hair which, I'll admit, my hair probably doesn't really need at the moment as I chopped most of the damaged hair off not long ago. However, when I had long hair I found that this product was a godsend and left my hair feeling soft and full of life after just one use.

I don't think I've ever used any L'Oreal hair products before, not that I remember anyway. But after trying this one a while ago, I would definitely want to give them a go. So if you know of any I should try, let me know in the comments. 

This L'Oreal hair masque is a texturising one that thickens up your hair if you have fine hair like me, without weighing it down. It kind of makes your hair feel all soft and fluffy, does that make sense? 

I was sent a few of Envy Pro's products a while ago to review, which I did, and ever since then, I am in love. I have unfortunately used up the volumising one already as my mum was using it too. 

This one is a leave-in oil for your hair that detangles, heals split ends and reduces frizz leaving your hair feeling silky. I use this one when I feel like I've used a lot of products and heat on my hair, as a way to bring it back to life. It's great for when you either forget or don't have time to use a wash out hair mask. Another bonus is that a little goes a long way, so it lasts ages. 

Before discovering this product in one of my birch boxes, I'd never really thought about detoxing my hair. I always felt that shampoo did the trick, that was until I used this. 

This clarifying shampoo deep cleanses your hair, a bit like when you exfoliate your skin. Getting rid of all product residue and leaving your hair feeling insanely fresh and clean. However, I try not to use this one when my hair is freshly dyed as there's a high chance it'll take out the colour, so I usually use it when my hair is already looking faded and needing redoing

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any you would recommend? Let me know in the comments.