Blogmas Day 9 || The Perfect Cozy Country Pub*

If you know me, you'll know that I am not a loud pub kinda person at all. I'm more of a quiet cosy pub kinda gal, so when I stepped into The Cowper Arms in Cole Green, Hertford* I instantly fell in love and wished that it was just down the road from me instead of half an hour away. Although I am already planning on dragging my sister down there soon. 

As soon as you step into The Cowper Arms you feel relaxed and happy, at least I did. With it's two open fires crackling away and warm lighting, it is the perfect place for me. It has just been refurbished too, so the pub has a modern country pub vibe to it. Which isn't easy to achieve without taking away the original cosy vibe, but they managed it. 

It has two parts to it, the drinks area and the dining area. We were greeted with drinks and appetisers in the drinking area, as we sat next to the lovely crackling fire. The pub is in the middle of the country, out in the sticks, meaning I didn't have much phone signal either. So it felt like I had got to disconnect from the world for a bit and just enjoy my evening. 

Now, I'm not great with foods and names so I can't tell you what these things are apart from the cheese. The cheese was AMAZING. They had so many cheese options on their menu, it made it difficult to not just have cheese for every course. How many times have I just said cheese? Now I really want cheese. 

Anyway, back to my evening at The Cowper Arms. 

After we'd had our appetisers and sat enjoying the fire for a bit, the lovely waitress showed us over to our dinner table which was also near a crackling fire. 

They have a lot to choose from on their menu (like cheese) so making a decision was difficult. I'd also like to include that they have a vegan menu and plenty of vegetarian options too. We went for more cheese (We couldn't resist) for starters, the "Box-baked camembert" that comes with warm dough sticks to dip in the cheese. I really enjoyed this although I wasn't a massive fan of the omega seeds on the top - I'd still order it again. 

For mains, after a long mental debate with myself, I went for the "Pollo americano" pizza - Which is topped with chicken, portobello mushrooms and mozzarella with a BBQ sauce base. BBQ pizzas are my favourite so I couldn't resist trying this one out. 

I was not disappointed at all. Although I normally prefer thin Italian base kinda pizza, this freshly prepared pizza was lovely and fluffy. The BBQ base wasn't so strong that it overpowered the other ingredients either.

Because my eyes are bigger than my belly (Is that the saying? I don't know) I also ordered a side plate of chips with aioli, mainly because I love aioli and rarely see it on menus anywhere.  

After all of that food, I was really struggling to decide if I could actually fit in a pudding. However, as my friend Victoria pointed out, you don't get the full experience without the pudding. So I went for their "Mini desert & a hot drink" which allows you to pick from mini apple & blackberry crumble, mini baked vanilla cheesecake or a mini Belgian chocolate brownie. I went for the brownie without the hot drink. 

I think this option is great if you just want something small and sweet (like me, I am small and sweet) after dinner. The waitress also pointed out that it's good for people that come in and just want a little snack during the day with their tea or coffee. More menus should have this option, I always feel bad if I order pudding and then don't eat it all. 

I had such a lovely evening at The Cowper Arms, thank you so much for having me! I can't wait to go back with my family. If I lived around the corner from it, I would just go down there and sit next to the fire with my laptop and a coffee (and cheese). So if you're ever in Cole Green in Hertford, I highly recommend you go check it out. Even if you've been before, as it now has a new look

*I was invited to The Cowper Arms free of charge in exchange for a review but all words and opinions here are my own.