Blogmas Day 19 || Is Murad's Oil-Control Moisturizer Worth it?

Oily skin is a struggle. Whether you're wearing makeup or not, if you have oily skin it will reach a point in the day where your skin feels horrible and you just want to scream. At least it does for me. So I am always trying out new products that may help control my skin, which is what the Murad "Oil-Control Mattifier" moisturising cream* is said to do. But does it actually do as it says for £35?

When I first spotted the Murad Oil-Control mattifier moisturising cream, I thought it had a pretty hefty price tag on it. However, the fact that this cream not only mattifies your skin for up to 8 hours but also has SPF 15 in it, made me take a leap of faith and give it a go. Because regardless of what time of year it is, you should always use products with SPF in them. 

This water-based cream is said to reduce shine by oil throughout the day, stop new breakouts from forming and protect your skin with SPF 15. Sounds great eh? Yeah, it does. Especially because a few oil-control creams I've tried in the past have just caused me to breakout. However, this is a non-comedogenic moisturiser, which means that it's formulated to not block your pores. I have to admit that before using this product, I had never heard that word before. Learn something new every day. 

So does the Murad Oil-Control mattifier moisturising cream actually balance your skin and leave your skin looking cleaner, clearer and healthier?

When I first applied this cream, I did not have high hopes in regards to not breaking out. It has a very thick consistency, meaning I had to use a fair amount. This automatically made me think that my skin would rebel and breakout. It did not. 

I have to say, after day one I was hooked. My skin didn't feel like someone had rubbed oil on my face by lunchtime, it felt smooth and clean. So I kept using it waiting for the breakout to rock up, it didn't. I've been using this product for over three weeks now and I am yet to breakout because of it. 

So how does it go on under makeup? I wondered if this is where the cream would fail me, so I put it to the test by wearing it under my makeup to work. I often think that if a product can hold a work day, then it's definitely worth it. 

I used it under my CC Cream and it pleasantly held out. My foundation didn't crack or go all funny, and it didn't slide off my face either. This truly is a product that's worth the money. However, as I said before... It is a really thick consistency so I might be going through it a bit quicker than I'd like. 

This is the first Murad product I've ever tried and I am really impressed, so I'll definitely be trying some more soon. Any recommendations? Have you tried the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier moisturising cream*? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments.


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