Revolution Pro Camouflage Foundation vs Blemishes

Revolution is definitely one of my favourite budget brands, I absolutely love their palettes and their lipsticks but I don't believe I've ever tried any kind of foundation from them. So when they released the Revolution Pro Camouflage Foundation, I had to give it a go and see if it did actually give you the coverage it says it does. 

This water-based foundation is advertised to help cover up blemishes, scars, birthmarks, tattoos and more. Meaning I was expecting a very high coverage from it, one that would hopefully help me cover up the breakout my skin has decided to have lately.

I ordered it online due to my hatred of actually going out into the real world and the one thing that I hate about ordering foundations online is trying to guess which shade would match my skin. Luckily, Revolution has made it much easier for you to find your shade online. 

Instead of just using your usual shade names they go by numbers but that's not the helpful part, the helpful part is that it explains what type of skin each shade is for. So for me, I picked out F3 which is for fair skin tones with a pink undertone. So if you know this, picking out a shade will be easy for you. 

As you can see from my awkwardly posed photo, the coverage for this foundation is as it says, very high. I was impressed at how well it covered my breakout, yet didn't feel incredibly heavy and like my skin was suffocating. 

I used my Revolution foundation brush to apply it and it took a while to blend but I think that was more related to the brush. I love the brush, but I've found that even though I've washed it, it just isn't as soft as it was when I first bought it. Do makeup brushes have a limit of use? I've had it for a year, is it time I get a new one? 

As I was applying it I thought that the finished product would look rather cakey due to how thick the foundation is, but I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't. For £7, I was really impressed. It has a rather natural looking finish, although you can obviously still see the foundation... it doesn't magically make you look like you have naturally perfect skin. If only. 

As for longevity well, I was wearing it all day, I also may or may not of have a nap wearing it too and yet it still stayed put apart from where my glasses sit. It did go patchy there, but I'm yet to find a foundation that can resist my glasses, any recommendations? I was wearing the L'Oreal Infallible primer under it, which I find helps a lot with keeping foundation in its place. 

Would I buy it again? Definitely. I love the high coverage without the heavy feeling on my skin. I didn't even set it with powder and it lasted well, I'm impressed. Although I probably wouldn't use it as an everyday foundation, I tend to go for something a bit more lightweight for every day so my skin can breathe. 

Although it doesn't feel heavy, it still is a rather thick foundation for me to be using on my skin every day. However, it is perfect for the days that I feel like I need that extra bit of coverage to feel a bit more comfortable. You can find it here. Have you tried this foundation yet? 

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