Chapter 3 || March

March feels like it's been a productive kind of month, one where things have been moving and progressing. It's been a good month I think.

My month started off with my little old Peugeot bailing on me once again, except this time I gave up on it. Yup, I gave up on my beloved car because I was just so done with driving around in a car I didn't trust. So this time when something went wrong, I didn't even take it to my mechanic... I got my brothers car on the road and bought it off of him. I'd been after this car since the day he got it, so needless to say that I was a very happy human when I got it back and could finally drive it. Sad? Maybe, but I don't really care... Driving to work is much more enjoyable now.

We also made a lot of progress with Bleet this month, it's such an exciting time for Bleet! I can't wait to release it. It's also pretty nerve wrecking and I can't help but doubt my every move, but luckily the support we get from people on Twitter hushes every doubt up and motivates me to work as hard as I can on promoting Bleet. We started beta testing, which so far has been going well... Sam found a few bugs in the app and is now working on fixing them and updating the app (I think anyway I have no idea because he talks tech to me and I don't understand a large amount of what he says).

Another thing we've launched this month is our Crowdfunder page for Bleet. Our goal is to raise enough funds to put towards Bleet so we can market it properly and pay for all the necessary things to launch it smoothly. Quite a few people have pledged already and shared our page, and for that, we are extremely grateful! Thank you.

I also had another lovely weekend visiting Rosie in Thame, now that she's abandoned me at work. We obviously spent the day taking blog photos even though it was cold and raining outside. We managed to get a fair amount of shots, plenty of content for the gram.

I've noticed progress on my blog too, my views are going up and I'm happier with the content I'm posting. Especially my photos, I am loving the Olympus Pen! Improving the quality of my photos has been something that I have been wanting to do for so long, and I'm extremely happy that I finally went ahead and did it.

Last but definitely not least, Freddie. Little Freddie was born this month and he is the cutest baby I have ever seen. Although Issy has successfully managed to put me off wanting kids ever by sharing every detail of pregnancy, birth and postpartum life. So if you want to know what it's actually like, you should definitely go read her blog. Unless you're squeamish, then I wouldn't recommend it.

Next month is my birthday, yay at getting older. Hows your March been?