The Scent of Spring in Your Home*

Wax burner with a candle lit and some wax melts next to it

Spring is here, finally, and that means that it's time to put away the cosy scents that I burned in Winter and stock up on some fresh ones. If you read my Blogmas posts, you'll know that I was in love with Pick' n' Melts Christmas stuff. So when they released their Spring Awakening range* I was eager to have a sniff.

Pick'n'melts Orange and white wax melts sweetie themed bag

I think one of my favourite things about their brand, is the fact that it's like a pick' n' mix bag but for wax melts. I don't know why, but I just like it. When you order your mix of wax melts, they come with a little sweetie type bag to put them in. Which is great because I've bought some in the past from other brands and had nowhere to store them and eventually ended up losing them.

Pick'n'melt Spring awakening wax melts flat lay

They have a wide range of scents that you can take into Summer too, like the Coastal Breeze one. A perfect scent for summer, because if you can't live by the beach you may as well make your house at least smell like you do. Right? 

I absolutely love how strong these wax melts are when you burn them, but unfortunately, they're a bit too strong to have in my bedroom. So I've moved my Pick' n' Melt wax burner downstairs, that way the entire house smells fresh and like Spring. As long as we don't look outside at the weather, we can be fooled into thinking it's a lovely sunny spring day and not raining intensely like it is as I write this. 

Pick'n'melt Spring awakening wax melts scents flatlay

Scents include: 

Magnolia Cherry
 Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla, Mimosa
 Air Fresh
 Coastal Breeze
Fresh Linen
 Parisienne Spring

It'd be hard to pick a favourite from these, but I'd have to say the Freesia and the Fresh Linen ones are my top two. Because who doesn't love the smell of fresh sheets? It's one of the best smells and seeing as I can't just keep washing clothes for no reason, a wax melt seems like a great alternative. As for the Freesia one, this one has more of a sweet smell to it. It's a fresh/sweet kind of smell, which is perfect for Spring

Have you tried Pick' n' Melts Spring Awakening collection yet? If not, what are you waiting for? And if you're looking for a new scent for spring in a perfume, you should check out my post featuring some of my favourite perfumes. They might become your favourites too!