OOTD || Corset Style Jeans

I absolutely love corset style clothes, I love the style of the old dresses (although I can't imagine they were very comfortable). Unfortunately it's not something I can pull off in an everyday outfit, that was until I discovered these corset jeans from New Look.

What I love about these jeans is that they are so comfortable, whilst still being tight. A lot of skinny jeans I've had in the past, have been rather uncomfortable to be in all day and let's not even speak about how uncomfortable they were to go out for a meal in. Luckily, with these I don't have that problem at all because they sit higher up and fit perfectly. 

As you can see, they have a zip at the back. You don't have to mess with the laces every time you put them on, don't worry. It also has a button just at the top of the zip, but I don't see how I could possibly do it on my own... Seems like far too much hassle. So I never bother doing it up and the zip stays up just fine. 

I love these jeans so much, I will definitely be buying some more corset style jeans from New Look. Unfortunately these ones are no longer available but they do have other styles. I also bought this red ribbed jumper from New Look to go with the jeans.

To finish this outfit off I have my lovely new studded handbag from Primark. I know, I know... It's big, BUT it fits all my notebooks in and all the other unnecessary crap that I carry around with me everyday. I have to say, for £12 it's a  pretty decent handbag! If Primark had an online shop, it'd ruin me.

What do you think to this style? I hope you liked it! Also, thank you to Rosie for being my personal photographer for the day.