Charnos Hosiery || Luxury Tights on a Budget

For me, a good pair of tights is an essential part of my closet. If I'm wearing a dress, or a skirt, I'm wearing tights too...Even in summer. I will wear them until it's too hot, and then I finally cave because I don't want to melt y'know? So when Charnos Hosiery reached out to me and sent me some of their tights, I was very happy to try them.

They kindly sent me three pairs of tights, and two pairs of socks. The socks have quickly become my favorites, as they are so lovely and soft. As for the tights, here are my two favorite pairs out of the three I was sent. The other pair are a bit thicker, which I like, but they're also brown which makes them very difficult to match with anything I own. What would you combine brown tights with?

Dress from Iron Fist 
Belt from Boohoo

Although these tights are from their winter collection, I'd say they're much more suitable for Spring or Summer as they are rather thin. I personally prefer lovely thick, cotton tights for the colder months. 

These lovely tights are very simple, yet have the crystal details up the back of them. Elegant, but not boring. I have to say, the detail up the back is very difficult to center. The best thing about them? I have managed to put them on, twice, without ripping them or snagging them, I'm impressed as I usually only get one wear out of thinner tights. 

As for these, I love these ones. Although they are a little bit thicker than the other ones, they are still too thin for Winter (for me anyway). The lovely line pattern on these make them perfect to combine with a simple dress, much like the one I'm wearing here.

Dress from This Is Pulp

Charnos have some beautiful tights, they have a luxury feel to them and they're not too expensive either. What more could you want? You should definitely check them out if you haven't already.