Get a Studded Kiss With Kat Von D

I LOVE Kat Von D's packaging, it's one of the things that makes the brand stand out for me. I have tried the Lock-It foundation and the contour quad, which I have featured on the blog before. But one of the products that I wanted to try the most has always been the Studded Kiss lipsticks, mainly because they look so cool, and I'm really superficial. So when they went on sale, I snapped a couple up and eagerly waited for them to arrive hoping that I wasn't going to be let down by them.

Kat Von D "Studded Kiss" Lipstick

Most of the shades were sold out by the time I realized they were on sale but, lucky for me, these two were still available and this made me happy. I got the Tijuana and Slayer shades for £10 each, which also made me very happy as the only reason I hadn't bought them before hand was because they're £17 each and I didn't want to spend that amount of money on a lipstick that I wasn't even sure I'd like.

I've been using the red for work everyday and let me tell you, I am in love. The texture of this lipstick is so creamy, meaning it goes on easily and doesn't dry out my lips. I thought that with it being so creamy, it might be prone to smudging and bleeding, but I was wrong. I can wear this all day at work, and not have to top it up at all. Even after lunch, my lipstick is still in place without bleeding or making me look like The Joker.

Now I've tried it, and I know how amazing it is, I'd definitely buy it full price. I Might start slowly collecting Kat Von D makeup, as I am always impressed when I try anything new from it.

 Have you tried the Studded Kiss lipstick? What did you think?