Everyday Eye Makeup With Avon

When it comes to my everyday makeup, I tend to keep it pretty quick and easy as I value sleep more than looking awake. So although I don't use foundation, or any other face makeup, I do use eye makeup. I can't go to work without winging my eyeliner first, and to do that I've always used Soap & Glory's liquid eyeliner. But when I ran out, and spotted this one from Avon, I decided to give it a go alongside their mascara and eyeliner pencil.

Avon True Colour Glimmerstick Liquid Pen

I'm really picky when it comes to liquid eyeliners. I have tried so many but still kept going back to the soap and Glory one, as I found that others were too thin, too thick, not bold enough or some other thing that I didn't quite like. I went for this one because it was only £3, but that was on sale... It's regular price is £6.50, but prices can vary a lot with Avon and there's always some kind of deal.

This liquid eyeliner pen has actually impressed me, and has now replaced my good old Soap & Glory one in my everyday routine. Thanks to it's lovely felt tip pen, it is easy to quick and easy to apply every morning. The tip is also fine enough to get the precise flick that every wing needs, but not too fine that it just makes it more difficult.

The only downside there is to it, compared to the Soap & Glory one, is that it's not as soft.  The felt tip on it is a bit harsher than the lovely soft Soap & Glory one, but I can live with that.

Mark. Kohl Eyeliner

If I'm honest, I don't tend to use a kohl eyeliner, as I find that the ones I've used in the past just ended up running down my face and making me look incredibly tired during the day. So when I bought this one, I bought it purely out of curiosity and because it was on sale and I have no will power because it also has a smudge tool on the other end. At first I just used it for a smoky eye look, but then I thought I'd give it a go with my everyday makeup too and see how it holds.

The great thing about this eyeliner is that the smudging tool actually does a really good job, and it's easily done. When I got it, I didn't think that it would smudge very well due to the rubbery texture of the smudger end. But it does, making it the perfect tool to achieve a lovely smoky eye look.

Mark. Big & Multiplied Volume Mascara

Last but not least, the big & multiplied volume mascara. I'm always on the look out for a good mascara, as I was not blessed with beautifully long natural eyelashes and I've never really used fake ones. So when I was scrolling through Avon's website, trying not to spend any more money, and saw this one I thought I'd give it a go and see how I got on with it.

At first I wasn't too keen, it wasn't giving me the big and multiplied look I'd hoped for. But after I started layering it up, my lashes started looking better and better and finally leaving them looking elegantly long and dark. This mascara is great to layer up, it was so easy and didn't go all clumpy. Meaning not only can you use this mascara for an everyday natural look, but layer it up and you'll be ready for a night out.

I've been using these three together everyday since I got them, and I am in love. I do love quite a few of Avon's products, but always forget to repurchase them when I run out. However, I have discovered that you can now buy Avon online and have it delivered straight to your door. Do you use any Avon products? If so, what do you recommend I try?