Blogmas Day 18 || Three Outfits For New Years

Although I'm not one to go out for New Years, I do like putting outfits together and pretending I actually have somewhere to go. Which is why I own many dresses that I've only worn once. So I thought it'd be fun to put together a few outfits that'd I wear for New Years. 

#1. The Jeans

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I know a lot of people that prefer to wear jeans, but dress it up a bit by adding a nice top and heels. So this look was a must, I'd probably wear this one out because I absolutely love these jeans. What better way to dress up these jeans than with these high heeled laced boots, am I right? Yes, yes I am. 

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Black Corset High Waist Skinny Jeans
Glitter Panel Clutch Bag
Heeled Ankle Boots

#2. The Dress

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A dress is always an easy option because you've only got to choose the one item and that's it. I love this dress because it's simple but has the stars up it's sleeve giving it a different look than your normal black dress. Because it's cold, knee high boots are a great option and what I love about these ones are the studs on the heels. 

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#3. The Jumpsuit 
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Although I only own one jumpsuit, I do love it. The one I have is a simple black, wide legged one - similar to this one. Only this one has the lovely lace detail down the front, making it a bit more interesting than just a black jumpsuit. To finish it off I've added these star and studded heels. A belt would go perfectly with this jumpsuit, it'd add shape to it and jazz it up a bit, but I couldn't find the right one... I'd say a wide waist belt would look great with it, any ideas? Let me know in the comments. 

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I had fun putting this post together, but it has made my wish list grow a bit. Those boots though. All these looks are pretty dark, but that's because most of my outfits are... As much as I try, I am unable to add color to my outfits. I hope you liked them, and they have at least inspired you and helped you figure out what you want to wear to bring in the New Years.