Blogmas Day 17 || Quick & Easy Christmas Biscuits

As much as I love baking, the time and effort that goes into it means I don't really do it that often. But with Christmas coming up, I thought I'd find a quick and easy Christmas biscuits recipe to try and share with you guys. So after a quick search on google, I found this one on the BBC website.

I got everything I needed from Sainsburys, which may I add... was a nightmare trip. Note to self; shopping at this time of year is never a good idea. Also, so many types of butter to chose from why?

 This recipe takes less than half an hour to prepare, and about 10-30 minutes to bake. It's supposed to make 36 biscuits but I didn't make that many, mainly because I got bored after the forth round of baking because they didn't all fit in the oven at once. 

To bake these biscuits you'll need;

100g Unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
100g of caster sugar
1 egg
1 tsp of vanilla extract
275g of plain flour 

To decorate I bought;

Icing sugar 
A pack of Dr Oetker writing icing
Clementine flavored sparkly snow
Sparkly snowflakes

I bought the cookie cutters from Amazon, but when I went back to link you guys to them they were sold out. 

These are my favorite ones, although they took me SO long to decorate and rather than it being a pleasant experience, I got rather impatient and frustrated that they weren't looking how I wanted them to look because I'm a perfectionist and it was hell. Once I calmed down, I was happy with the results and they disappeared fast, so I'm going to say they were pretty tasty too. 

These ones were pretty simple, I wanted to do ones that weren't as sweet as the ones with icing on. I just sprinkled the clementine flavored sparkly snow over them, which gave them a Christmassy look and was really quick and easy to do. So basically, I cheated.

These biscuits are the perfect snack for Christmas, easy to bake and you can decorate them as you wish. Everyone loves biscuits, so you can't go wrong with them.