Blogmas Day 19 || Pamper Evening

This time of year can be rather stressful for a lot of people, with Christmas approaching fast, gifts needing to be bough, jobs needing to be finished and lots of social events to attend. Something that you need to remind yourself is that self care is also very important. So here's a few things I use to pamper myself when everything gets a bit too much. 

A good pamper evening for me, is spending time looking after myself and my skin. So a good face mask is an essential. I usually use peel off ones as I love peeling them off... But this time I went for the Quick Fix Anti-Blemish Mud Mask, as my skin is not doing too great lately and an anti-blemish mask would really help. 

Another thing I picked up was the Neutrogena visibly clear spot proofing oil-free moisturizer, which has quickly become a favorite of mine as my skin has been improving so much since I started using it along side my Clean & Clear Blackhead clearing face wash. 

Another thing I love to use every once in a while, is 7th Heavens Argan Oil hair mask. My hair appreciates the extra care, and it's always left feeling soft and silky after using it. Last but definitely not least, the bath bomb. 

Having a long relaxing bath, is the best way for me to unwind. So having a good bath bomb, is always a must... This time I'm using a Bomb Cosmetics Christmas bath bomb that I have featured in Blogmas already... You can read more about their Christmas collection here.  

At the end of the day, a bit of self care is spending time on yourself and, for me personally, a pamper evening is the best way to do just that. There's nothing better than lighting a few candles, smothering yourself in creams and soaking in the bath for far too long. What's your favorite way to unwind?

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