Halloween With Leighton Denny*

Once upon a time, I used to draw different patterns onto my nails each week. Depending what mood I was in, every Sunday night I'd spend a whole lot of time doing my nails. So when I was sent these two lovely Leighton Denny nail polishes from Alex Silver PR I was eager to create a some Halloween themed nails. Also, black and red are my favorite colors so these nail polishes have quickly become my favorites.

My plan was to paint my nails red, and with a very fine brush draw on some cobwebs and spiders to make them look spooky. This didn't go as planned so I decided to do black and red nails instead, giving me a Denis The Menace look instead of the Halloween one I was going for. If I had a steadier pulse it would of worked, but I am incapable of keeping my hand steady, which drives me mad.

Due to me being incapable of keeping my hand steady, I manage to get nail polish on my fingers too. My nails usually look like a toddler has painted them. Which is where Leighton Denny's Precision Corrector comes in handy. This handy little product makes it easy to correct any mistakes you may make, leaving your nails looking tidy and more like an full grown human has done them instead of a toddler.

Although I do love Leighton Denny, I did find that they chip pretty easily. But I am yet to find a nail polish that doesn't if I'm honest...Even when I wear a top coat it still chips! Any recommendations?

*Although items in this post were sent to me, all words and opinions here are my own.