Places To Visit in Gran Canarias

A few weeks ago, Sam and I went to Gran Canarias for the week for an autumnal getaway in the sun. Last time I was there I didn't really do much as I spent a lot of my time hungover, and I don't handle hangovers very well at all. So this time we were determined to get out and about a bit more, and we did. So I thought I'd share the places we visited with you guys in case you're ever out there and need something to do.

Now I know if you're going somewhere sunny you want to make the most of the sun, but what about in the evening? The Moonlight Cinema is perfect for that. It's an amazing outdoor cinema, in English, that plays two different sessions in the evening. It plays one a sunset and one in the dark, so you can just about see the stars. We went to see IT at sunset, and although it's expensive, it's worth it. You can eat there two, whilst you're watching the film as there are waiters that come round serving you food and drink.  

My niece was desperate to go here as she'd already learnt about it in school. Here you can step back in time to the aboriginals. It's actually really interesting to see, and the views are pretty amazing. Although we got half way round and we were boiling, the place was like a maze too which didn't help but it was nice. I'd highly recommend you take lots of water and wear lots of sun cream though.

This was my favorite place. It's a super chill pool bar type thing right on the beach front. There wasn't many people there which was great because we pretty much had the pool to ourselves. It wasn't too expensive either, we paid 10 euros to get in and we got a free cocktail with it. If you're looking for a chill day by the pool, this is the place.

I thought I'd include this beach as it was my favorite out of the ones we visited. It's an artificial beach, so the water is really clear and the sand is amazing because it doesn't sick to you. It also had a float thingy, with different things on it for you to go out and play on (Sorry for the poor description). 

There are so many more things to do but we were on a budget. I got so many good photos, my Instagram looked amazing whilst I was there. As you can see from the main picture, I did print some out. Printiki* kindly offered me a voucher to print thirty photos out for free, which I was really excited for as I love having my photos printed out. I was really impressed by how fast they arrived and the quality of them too, I'd highly recommend you use them if you ever need to print out any photos. If you do, make sure you use this code to get free shipping;


You can find them on Instagram too.

If you've ever been to Gran Canarias and have anything you'd recommend I try next time I'm over there, please let me know in the comments!

*Although I was sent these items, all words and opinions here are my own.