The Ideal World Bloggers Box*

When Ideal World offered to send me a Bloggers Box* packed full of their favorite products to try, I was over the moon. Ideal World have such a wide range of products on their website, making it the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping. They also sent me and Sam a Nano teeth whitening kit each to try out, which I will be featuring in a separate post soon, so keep an eye out.

Elizabeth Grant Face Mask Collection

I'm starting with these lovely facemasks as they were my favorite item out of the box. Each face mask is good for different problems, meaning with this one set you have a lot of skin types covered. I also found it was great for multi-masking and very easy to apply with the handy little brush that comes with the set. Although the pots are small, you don't really need to use much so I think they'd last you a while.

Purifying mask: This one is perfect for my skin as it contains witch hazel to help remove excess oil and tighten my dear pores. It also contains peptides from moringa seed to purify the skin and red clover extract to combat skin irritation. It has a lovely thick texture to it, meaning you may have to mix it if it's all separated.

Nourishing vitamin mask: Tired and dehydrated skin? This is your savior. The nourishing vitamin mask is packed full of vitamins like Vitamins A to help exfoliate, C and E for antioxidant purposes, B3 and B5  to moisturize your skin.

Papain enzyme mask: This mask is perfect for sensitive skin that needs a subtle exfoliator. It contains papain (an enzyme from papayas) that gently removes dead skin, leaving you with brighter and softer skin.

Mineral replenishing mask: Last but not least, this mask draws out toxins, exfoliates and purifies your skin using mineral rich salt from the dead sea and glacial spring water combined with nutrient enriched sea kelp. It leaves your skin rejuvenated and glowing, ready to tackle the world.

If they don't sound amazing to you , then you're a very hard person to please.

Unfortunately they are sold out at the moment but should be back on their site soon, until then you can check out their other Elizabeth Grant products here.

"Change" by Lisa Riley

A few weeks ago I went on holiday to Gran Canarias, and this is the lucky perfume that got to come along with me hence the tacky looking label. It leaked a little bit on the way over, and the writing came off a bit.
I decided to take this one on holiday with me due to it's lovely fresh and elegant fragrance, it has quickly become my most used perfume. Which is unusual, as I usually go for sweeter smells. This one just won me over straight away. The first few times I used it I found myself using far too much and overdoing it, I quickly learned that I only needed a small amount and it lasted all evening anyway.

Elizabeth Grant Supreme Face Cream Duo, Gold Ed

I'm not going to lie, the main thing I liked about these creams was the packaging. They caught my eye as soon as I got them out the box. Although it did take me a while to find out what each one was because I'm an idiot. These creams contain gold extract, whaaat!! I know right? Apparently, gold has anti-oxidant benefits which illuminate and brighten your skin.

The day cream is said to strengthen, moisturize and firm the skin whilst giving it a luminous and fresh finish. It also contains a rare algae that nourishes and hydrates your skin with radiant boosting natural proteins.
As for the night cream, it is said to repair and support the structure of the skin with rare algae and natural extracts leaving you with smoother, softer and firmer skin.

After using these creams for a while, I noticed my skin was looking much more alive and radiant than before. The creams are rather thick but you don't need much to get good coverage. I learned that the first day when I put far too much on and ended up with a really thick layer of cream on my face just before bed. I personally wouldn't use these creams because I look for different results when I buy creams, like pore and blemish minimizing and ingredients that will help acne prone skin. So although I loved the results of the creams, a radiant glow just wasn't enough for my problematic skin. I'll probably pass these creams onto my mum, as I feel like she's use them more than me and see more benefits.

Strictly Come Dancing Show Stopper gradual tan

This gradual tan is designed as a CC cream too, meaning it moisturizes and helps brighten the skin to extend results. It also contains a breakthrough blend of violet and brown tome bronzers, that have been proven to neutralize any orange hue.

Now I don't ever use tanning lotions as I'm far too pale and I feel I'd mess it up. So I didn't get to try this one out, however I did open it and apply a small amount to my hand to give you guys an idea of what it's like. First of all, you only need a tiny amount otherwise you'll end up making a mess like I may or may not have done. It also smells pretty amazing, I don't really know how to explain it... It's kind of like a fresher smelling sun cream smell. Well, at least that's what it reminded me of anyway.

 The bad thing about this cream for me was the fact that it has glitter in it. Why would you want glitter in a lotion that you're going to apply to your entire body? I had a moisturizer with glitter in, I used it once. If you've tried this, or reviewed it, feel free to link it down below.

Some of these products, like the face mask collection, have become essentials to me now. So thank you very much to Ideal World TV for sending them out to me, I love them. Don't forget to check out their website, they have a gift for everyone.

*Items in this post were gifted to be but all words and opinions here are my own.