MAD BEAUTY || Winnie The Pooh*

Although I'm not a massive Disney fan myself, you have to give it to Mad Beauty when it comes to Disney themed products. They have a wide range of products with the theme of your favorite Disney films, perfect for any Disney lover. They so kindly sent me two of their products from their Winnie The Pooh theme, the Winnie The Pooh bubble bath and the lip balm.

 Both products are honey based products, which fits with the theme and is good for your skin. I wasn't sure I'd like them at first as I'm not too keen on honey, but I found that they weren't too intense as the orange blossom kind of balances it out a bit.

My favorite product out of these two was definitely the bubble bath. It has a lovely honey and orange blossom fragrance to it that isn't over powering, I found that I didn't need a big amount of it to get a fair amount of bubbles and due to it having honey in it, my skin felt so much softer after. If you have dry skin, I'd definitely give this a go.


"Honey is widely considered an effective natural moisturizer and toner, it's unique properties are known to help moisturize condition and protect the skin. Orange blossom oil is widely used in aromatherapy for its numerous benefits. Mad Beauty have combined honey with the delightful fragrance of orange blossom that even the most discerning of bears would love."


As for the lip balm, I wasn't too keen on this. Although I did find that it gave my dry lips a bit of life, I also found that it made my lips go really sticky for a couple of hours until the product came off. Which during the day, isn't ideal. I now tend to use it before I go to bed if my lips just need a bit of life added to my lips, but when my lips are really dry I find this one doesn't really do the trick.

I do love Mad Beauty's products, as I have said in previous posts, but not all are the right fit for me and the lip balm clearly wasn't. Have you tried any of their products before? If so, what did you think to them? They'd make great gifts, that's for sure.

*Although products in this post were gifted to me, all views and opinions here are my own.