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If you are a regular reader here at my blog, you'll know that I recently went to a Bannatyne Spa for a spa day and shared my experience with you guys in a post. We'll it turns out that someone over at Bannatyne headquarters read my post and liked it, so they offered to send me some of their spa products to try out from the Bannatyne Spa Collection*.

The collection consists of:

Products for combination/oily skin; balancing cleanser, balancing toner, balancing moisturizer and the balancing face mask.
Products for all skin types; Perfecting eye cream, perfecting exfoliator and three different massage oils ( Relaxing, uplifting and balancing).
Dry/dehydrated skin; Nourishing cleanser, nourishing toner, nourishing moisturizer and nourishing face mask.

They so kindly sent me the products for combination/oily skin which is perfect for my skin, and I was also sent the perfecting exfoliator.

What first caught my attention was that the toner is a spray, which I'd never seen before. It being a spray actually makes it a bit easier to use and somewhat more refreshing on your skin. Let me go a bit more into detail about the ones I've actually tried.

Balancing Cleanser

"Contains TimecodeⓇ, skin conditioners and milk protein to soften, smooth and revive your skin."
RRP £9.99

 This cleanser can be used twice daily but I prefer to use it just to treat my skin on a pamper day as I feel it adds life to my dull skin and leaves it feeling cleansed and fresh. It smells great too, and the pump on the top makes it really easy to get out without making a mess.

Perfecting Exfoliator

"Contains Coenzyme Q10, enriching oils and bilberry to hydrate, rejuvenate and tone your skin"
RRP £14.99

I'm really impressed with this exfoliator, I find that a lot of exfoliators can be quite harsh and dry out your skin but this one didn't. It left my skin feeling renewed and so soft.

Balancing Facemask

"Contains Coenzyme Q10, TimecodeⓇ and skin conditioners to soften, smooth and refresh your skin."
RRP £14.99

This facemask is a bit different to the ones I've used before. The texture of it is more like a creamy soapy texture that you just have to leave on your skin to work its magic for 15 min. Once I washed it off, which was pretty easy to do, my skin looked brighter, soften and felt amazing.

Balancing Moisturizer

"Contains Coenzyme Q10, TimecodeⓇ and skin conditioners to soften, smooth and refresh your skin"
RRP £15.99

The moisturizer basically does the same thing as the facemask but throughout the day (or night), it makes your skin feel soft and gives it that extra bit of life that my skin sometimes needs. Although you can use it every day, I decided to just use it for pampering sessions as I found that my skin went a bit oily if I used it every day. Personally, I find it's great to add a bit of life but is too much for every day.

Balancing Toner

"Contains skin conditioners, aloe and witch hazel to refresh, calm and hydrate your skin."
RRP £9.99

The toner is definitely my favorite product. Like I mentioned before, it comes in a spray bottle making it so much easier to apply and also leaving your skin feeling refreshed and cool. Great for summer days. On the box, it says that you can place the bottle in the fridge and use it throughout the day over your makeup too but I haven't tried that as I don't often wear a full face of makeup.

Overall I am really happy with the results of my at home spa day with these products, and I don't think they're too expensive for what they are either. The bottles are a good size and you don't need much product, a little goes a long way.

If you want to treat yourself to an at home pampering, I'd highly recommend you try The Bannatyne Spa Collection. It's been two days since I last used them and my skin still feels lovely and soft.

*Items in this post were sent to me to review but all words and opinions here are my own.


  1. I'd love to try this collection it looks like it'd be perfect for my skin!

    Jess x


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