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After seeing these types of oval makeup brushes becoming more popular, I decided I wanted to give them a go and see if they were actually any good. After looking for them on Superdrug and finding out that just the one brush was nearly ten pounds, I decided to try and find some budget ones and test them out. Everybody loves a good budget item, right? So I went on Amazon on found these ones by Isassy for just £11.99 for the entire set. But are they actually any good? 

I was impressed by everything that comes with the set for such a low price. The set includes; 

  • Eyebrow brush/ Concealer brush/ Lip brush 
  • Eyebrow brush/ Eyeliner brush
  • Eye shadow brush/ Concealer brush/ Eyeliner brush/ Contour brush
  • Blusher brush/ Foundation brush
  • Powder brush/ Blusher brush/ Foundation brush
  • Powder brush/ Blusher brush/ Foundation brush 
  • Powder brush/ Blusher brush/ Foundation brush
  • Eye shadow brush/ Concealer brush/ Lip brush
  • Eyeshadow brush/ Eyebrow brush/ Eyeliner brush
  • Eyebrow brush/ Concealer brush/ Lip brush
  • Makeup egg (to create the perfect base makeup) 
  • Brush egg (clean the brushes easier)

As you can see you get a lot for your money and each brush can be used for many things. I bought a stand as well because I like to believe that I am organised, the stand was £3.76 and was really easy to put together. 

I was impressed by the bigger brushes, they made applying my foundation so much easier and faster. I used them for my concealer, foundation and attempted to use them for my eye shadow but had no luck there. They are great to blend in foundation and concealer but I found them a little bit more difficult to use on my eyes, although the finer ones are good to create defined lines which is handy when it comes to contouring or creating different looks.

"Each brush head adopts a special process, soft as velvet, creating a smooth uniform makeup effect. With a nylon non-slip handle, to give you a better make-up experience."

I did find that the odd hair fell off the brushes as I used them, but that was to be expected for their low price. I was really happy with the results though so I can deal with the odd hair sticking to my face. Worth it. 

My final thoughts are, if you want to try an oval brush but don't want to spend a fortune you should definitely give these a go. For nearly £12 you get ten brushes that come with lovely little cases to keep the dust of them, a sponge and an egg to clean them. What more could you want?

Have you tried oval brushes before? What did you think of them?


After using one of the brushes for a while it broke, the actual brush bit came off the handle as they are just glued on. It can be glued back on though.

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