Starting Your Day The Right Way*

Getting up in the morning is a task in itself, but managing to actually stay awake throughout the day... well that's even more difficult. At least it is for me. I find that how I start my day has massive impact on how it turns out. So when We Love Coffee offered to send me some of their amazing coffee, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write a post on starting your day the right way.
Because I'm a poet and I didn't know it.

During the week I don't usually have much time to start my day nicely like I do at the weekend. I snooze four times, put the news on, drag myself out of bed and downstairs to make a quick and easy instant coffee and drink it as fast as I can because by this point I've realized how little time I actually have to get ready. One thing that does help me during the week is having background noise, either the radio or the TV - it keeps me company and gives me something to listen to and slowly wakes up my brain.

On the weekend however, I like to take my time a bit more and treat myself to some decent coffee. Which is where We Love Coffee come in. I didn't realize there was such a big difference between instant coffee and this coffee, I'm a new woman. Not only does it smell amazing, but it tastes SO good and keeps you going all morning. It's easier than I thought it would be to make too, I did mess up the first lot but Sam showed me how it was done and now I know but will still get him to make it anyway. Personally my favorite one was the Massimo one, as it's a bit stronger but if you want more details about the coffee you can read Issy's post here. She's a bit more of a coffee aficionado.

If I am planning on having a productive day, I always avoid turning on the TV. I find that if I turn on the TV I end up watching it for hours and feel crappy, then before I know it I'm asleep on the sofa. So I tend to put the radio on when I wake up, as I find that the music and the cheery presenters make me feel better and ready to tackle the day. 

I am always looking for new ways to start my day, so I tweeted asking you guys what tips you had and here's what you recommended:

Thank you all for your replies! I must give them a go, although I'm not a tea drinker... Coffee all the way. If you have any tips to starting your day, let me know on the comments. 

*Although the products in this post were sent to me, all opinions here are my own.