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I've been blogging for a while now and one thing that I'm always trying to improve is my blogs photography. The first thing that gets someone's attention is always going to be the photo. It may not be the reason some reads the post but it will be what grabs their attention to start off with. So having photos that I am happy with is very important to me.
Since I started blogging, the quality of my photos has improved a lot. I have also slowly found and developed my own style, and found different ways to edit.

Photos when I first started blogging;

To take photos I used to use my mums old Canon 350D, which was great but I couldn't get it to do what I want so it was slightly frustrating at times. So when it came to upgrading my phone last year, I decided to pay a little extra and get the IPhone 7 Plus for it's amazing camera. Best decision ever. The portrait mode on the 7 Plus is amazing and has become an essential tool for my blog photos. It makes everything so much easier. Another perk is that I don't have to carry around my big camera with me all the time, I can just use my phone.
As for my set up, it's pretty simple. I bought a couple of rolls of wallpaper from B&M to use as backdrops, but you can buy actual material made to be a backdrop. Maybe even a green screen so you can add the background you want. I have a couple that I occasionally change between, like a plain white one and a space one. This helps me not get bored of my photos.

Photos now;

Safe to say, I've come along way.

I used to use natural lighting for blog photos as I couldn't really afford to buy any, but when the darker days come around it makes it very difficult to get decent photos. So one day I decided to just go for it and get some lights from Amazon. It was a good purchase. I love them and they've come in so handy, the only bad thing is the amount of space they take up. I have to put them away every time I use them which is a bit annoying, but if I plan posts out it's okay because I take all my photos in bulk. Which means I don't have to get them out every weekend.
Blog props. Now when it comes to blog props I am always updating them and changing them around. I feel that if I don't, my photos get a bit boring and repetitive. So I try my best to change them up a bit. My favorite shop for props is B&M, you can always find something in there that won't cost you too much either. Homebase and Dunelm are also good but can be a little bit more expensive.
When it comes to editing my photos I mostly use the Lightroom app on my phone. I don't really do much apart from adjust the colors and brighten them a bit to make them stand out some more, basic editing. Before using the Lightroom app, I used to use Picmonkey and Pixlr to edit. They are both free online sites that are great for your basic editing.

If you've got any tips that you'd like to share or you've done a similar post, let me know in the comments.


  1. I definitely think that lighting makes a huge difference to your photos!

    Jess x

    1. Especially in the winter! They are SO helpful x

  2. Ahh!! Thank you for writing this. It's so helpful. It also feels good to know someone else uses their phone. I'm a little hesitant on buying lighting but glad to know it works. I will need to check out the Lightroom app. Do you give it a solid review? :)

    1. I love using my phone, the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is great. Yes, it's a great app for your basic editing :) x

  3. This post is fabbbbb, thank uuuu 🙂
    I use my iPhone 7 but feel my photos are still pretty rubbish! 👎🏻 I will just try a lot harder now. Can't wait to use the lightroom app!

    Thanks xox

    1. Ah thank you! The iPhone definitely has the capacity to take amazing photos, and the Lightroom app is a massive help too. I use it all the time :) x

  4. I loved the tips you provided! Awesome!

  5. Awesome tips! I will defo be using some of this advice :)



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