MAD-BEAUTY Pampering*

When MAD BEAUTY contacted me to review some of their products from their new range, I was very excited to get my hands on them and find out if they were any good or they were just a gimmick. The packaging is cute, the prices are good and they offer so many different products, so were they actually any good?

The answer to this is yes. I was so happy with the face mask, I'm planning on stocking up on them as soon as payday comes round. Face masks and other things, the list is long. When I received the products I was so excited to try them that I settled for this shitty photo of them because I couldn't get any better, it just wasn't happening. It was one of those days y'know?

I'd never used a sheet face mask before so I was looking forward to seeing if they were actually any good, as I always thought they'd be rather uncomfortable. I was wrong. When I got it out the packaging my first thought was "ew this is so slimy" - of course it is, because it's a hydrating mask. I put it on and it wouldn't sit right, I thought how stupid it was that it kept slipping off... then I realized you had to take the plastic off of it first. After taking that off it sat on my face just right and stuck to it.

It was SO easy to put on, it looked SO cute and was SO easy to take off. It left my skin feeling and looking amazing, I am seriously impressed. My skin felt fresh, revitalized and hydrated and looked it too. I'm eager to try more out.

To add to the cuteness, MAD BEAUTY also sent me a really cute Panda ears head band to hold my hair out my fair whilst using the face mask or washing my face. It's so soft meaning it doesn't hurt you and doesn't make your hair go all funny when you take it off. Which, when you have a fringe, is extremely annoying.

Don't I look fabulous? I felt it.

Last but not least, their "Ooh La La" moisturizing hand sanitizer. They sent me the melon one, which I am very grateful for as melon is my favorite smell. It actually does smell of lovely sweet melon and doesn't have an alcohol type smell that some hand sanitizers have. Also, the keep it handy (ha ha get it?) it has a little hook on it.

Overall I am really impressed with the products they sent me and I'm already planning on working with them again for Blogmas, so keep your eye out for that. 
Have you tried any of their products yet?

*Products in this post were gifted to me but all words and opinions here are my own.