Relaxing In An Old Asylum

If you follow me on Twitter you´ll know that I recently went to the Bannatyne Spa at Fairfield Hall near Hitchin. My brother got me a spa day gift card for Christmas and I finally got round to using it. The gift card was a Spa day for two and treatment for one, so I took Issy along with me. Who better to take on a relaxing spa day than my loud northern friend?
The main reason we decided to go to this one was the pool. When we checked it out online it looked amazing, we were eager to find out if it actually looked like that in real life.
As soon as we got there we were amazed by the building, before we'd even stepped inside we were amazed. We later found out that the building used to be an asylum, which was creepy but also really interesting. The building has so much character, it made an amazing place for a spa.

When we arrived we were offered to rent a bag with a towel, flipflops, a robe and a padlock in for five pounds, which we did. You get to keep the bag and the flipflops when you leave so it's not too bad and the bag comes in handy for shopping (if you ever remember it).

I'd booked my treatment in for twelve so I could get that out the way then chill in the pool with Issy, but before we went to go wait for my appointment we had to go see if the pool would live up to out expectations. It did. Once we'd seen the pool it's all we wanted to do, it looked amazing as you can see in the photos.

For my treatment I got a facial, which I was excited for as I'd never had one before. After having this one I can safely say I will be having facials more often. My skin felt and looked amazing when I came out. I'm not sure what products she used but they were amazing.. She also gave me some advice to look after my skin better. She suggested I use a moisturising mask once a week as well as exfoliating because although my skin is oily on the top, underneath it's rather dry. Which makes sense.

We headed down to the pool as soon as I'd finished and let me tell you now, the showers are a push button not a twist. I found this out the hard way by looking like an idiot.
It was lovely and warm down where the pool was but the pool it's self wasn't as warm as we'd hoped. Once we got in and got moving it was alright, until you got in the jacuzzi and got back in the pool again as the jacuzzi was warm.
The jacuzzi, sauna and steam room were all near the pool which was nice because you could go in and out of them all with out leaving the basement area.

I put together a small montage of clips that we'd managed to get on the day so you can see a bit more.

It was a lovely experience and I can't wait to go back and do it all again. If you live in the area I would definitely recommend you go and check it out, even if it's just for the pool.


  1. "the showers are a push button not a twist" i can actually just picture your confusion and its hilarious :')

    gail //

    1. What made it even worse was a really good looking guy coming over to use the one next to me, he pushed it and looked at me and said "it's a push". I was like great, cool okay I'm an idiot and the only response i could think of was "that makes sense" 👍 X


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