Longer Lasting Nails*

If you are anything like me, you'll know that having lovely painted nails is just something you'll never achieve. I don't know how people manage to keep their nails looking nice for longer than a day. Do they paint their nails every night? Are they using some kind of indestructible nail polish?
I even tried the gel nails. Although they did last longer, once I took them off, my nails underneath were left weak and slightly tinted. They are also a bit of a nightmare to take off. So, personally, I don't think they are worth it.

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent a couple of Leighton Denny nail polishes to try out. So I thought I'd get a top coat to go with it and see how long they would last for without chipping.

I applied two coats of color, which looked amazing and so smooth until I managed to catch my nail on something and it ruined it completely. I guess that's my own fault for not sitting still, one day I'll learn.

The Bourjois 3D Gel Top Coat is supposed to give your nails the shinny 3D look gel nails give you without the damage, whilst holding your nail polish in place for longer.
It definitely does provide your nails with a gel like finish but I can't say it holds the polish in place for much longer. My nails usually last a day without getting chipped, with this they lasted two. So it did help, but not much.

Final conclusions - I am a fan of the Leighton Denny polishes. They dry fast (I still managed to smudge it though) and they have a wide range of colors.
As for the top coat. Although I wasn't massively impressed, for £6 I didn't really expect it to do much anyway. It adds an extra day, but also adds some shine and gel like look to your nails. If you want a product to hold your polish, I wouldn't recommend this one. If you want one to make it look like they are gel nails, I would recommend this one.

I thought I'd also include a quick review of Bourjois Paris 1 Second dissolvent. Now, on the pot it says it takes one second to get rid of your nail polish, I can confirm that this is bullshit. Although it does remove your nail polish, it takes much longer than a second and a good scrub. Totally worth it though because I'm lazy and it beats having to try and find cotton pads all the time.

* Although an item in this post was gifted to me, all views and opinions here are my own.


  1. I want to test that top coat against the Rimmel one in a bitter fight to the death

    1. Put one on each finger and see which lasts longer

  2. That top coat looks really good. I'm so bad with painting my nails because I always try to pick the polish off.


    1. Ohh I do that sometimes, it's so satisfying though. It's hard not to x

  3. I've been on the lookout for a good topcoat so I'll have to give this one a go!

    Jess x


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