A Year Later...

At the beginning of last year I made a big change in my life and moved back to England, leaving my life in Spain behind. When I did this, I decided to make a few lifestyle changes and to document it on my blog in order to actually stick with it.

I'm writing a follow up post to let you all know I failed. ha ha.

"I don't think it will be extremely hard for me to achieve! I also thought that if I share it on my blog, it makes it kind of official and I have to stick to it." - Me, last year. 

How wrong was I? So full of ambition. My goals to change once I moved back to England were small lifestyle changes that I sometimes manage to achieve but haven't yet managed to make part of my daily life. Some of these changes included eating healthier and drinking more water, I can safely say that I have not achieved either of these things. But I don't look back on this and thing I've failed because although I am still unable to go more than as few days without eating crap, I have made bigger changes in my life that have helped me so much.

When I was in Spain I worked as an Aupair and, although it was a great experience, I was ready to move on from it but always struggled with doing so in Spain. I never really went out which always made my anxiety worse, the thought of socializing was my worst nightmare. The thought of having to interact with other people every day was also my idea of hell. Fast forward a year and it's something that I do nearly every day. I started working on reception meaning I had to face my fears of dealing with people each day. Working in an office surrounded by adults and not kids, meant I soon made friends and spoke to people much more. This really helped me open up to the idea of having more of a social life.

So even though a year later I haven't managed to eat my five a day, I have managed to face some of my fears and become more independent and happy. I feel more confident and happy with myself, I like where I am in life but I am also working towards what I want for my future.

As for my blog, I said I wanted to up my blogging game and I think I have. I've been to a few blogging event, I have become more involved in the community and I'm finding my own style. I tried fitting into the "blogger style" but realized that it wasn't really me. Don't get me wrong, I love the style but it's just not my style. Like when you like a top but on someone else because it's not something you'd really wear.

I've also become more comfortable with people I know in real life knowing and reading my blog, whereas before I tried to keep it quiet and didn't really tell anyone about it. I think I'd struggle hiding it now to be honest.

So just keep in mind that even though you might not be able to make those small lifestyle changes, you might have made bigger ones that you're not even aware of yet. I finally feel like my life is moving forward, slowly but I'm happy with the pace.


  1. It's great that you are facing your fears and doing so well I'm happy for you.

    I'm sure if you still want to make those other changes you can do it but you're doing great either way.

    V <3


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