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"A lifestyle blog primarily focusing on the eclectic mix of Beauty, Cats and Infertility with some Home-styling, Fashion and Lifestyle thrown in for good measure. I’m based in Bedford but can often be found in Crewe, Manchester and occasionally that London with a hazelnut latte in hand. When I’m not gallivanting I’m at home, snuggling my two beautiful cat-babies, Albie and Cecil and nagging at Luke because what else are fiancés for?"

I am always on the look out for new bloggers to follow and blogs to read, so I thought I'd start up a new series on my blog called "A Little Chat" to introduce bloggers that I follow and love to you guys that may not know them and hopefully, in the process, discover more bloggers myself.
For my first post in this series I decided I'd introduce ,to you lucky people that don't already know her, Issy. I met Issy through blogging over a year ago and we've been good friends ever since. Her blog has something for everyone, even a man corner written by her other half Luke. She writes a wide range a posts from beauty to her journey through fertility treatment all with her sense of humor in the mix to make it that much more enjoyable. Also her two adorable kittens are regularly featured on the blog, who doesn't love kittens? (You can follow them on Instagram too)

- I, unfortunately, know you but some of my readers may not. So please tell us a bit about you and your blog.

Haha NO! I'm a 26 year old cat obsessed, hazelnut latte addict with terrible spending habits and equally terrible personality I like to think my blog doesn't reflect because it'd be a terrible blog if it did.

- When you first started blogging, what was the main thing you worried about and do you still worry about it now?

I didn't really worry about anything. I guess I never anticipated anyone actually reading it - back then I felt like I was pretending to be a blogger rather than actually being a blogger. Ya get me?

- Let's be honest, one of the perks of blogging is getting sent stuff to try out and review, right? So what's the best and worst thing you've been sent? Have you ever been asked to feature something really weird or something that doesn't fit with your blog at all?

Shout out for the free shit! I think one of the best things I've had is my Resmed sleep tracker, I've gotten in such a good sleep routine since getting it and there's no way I would've afforded it in real life. I haven't been sent anything bad, I've been sent some beauty products that haven't worked out for me but that doesn't mean they're actually bad. I had a tyre company ask me to write a post about tyres... you know how I feel about cars. (I do - She doesn't even know where the engine is).

- You work full time, run a household and still manage to keep your social media and blog up to date. How? Any tips? Do you have minions? If you do, now would be the time to come clean.

I LOVE organization, I have my trusty Filofax where I keep track of upcoming posts, emails and general blog and life crap, and I have strict routines when it comes to household stuff to make sure everything is done. At the weekend I'll dedicate half a day to house work and the rest to blogging to make sure that everything is up to date and obviously spend some time with you here and there for dem outfit pics. (Not for my company, just for the photos).

- The most amazing thing about your blog at the moment is that you're sharing your journey through your fertility treatment. That's an amazing thing to be brave enough to share as not many people talk openly about these kinds of things. What made you share your journey? What kind of response have you received from your readers?

I decided to share my journey because it was becoming a burden to keep it to myself – the fact that it’s such an awkward topic for anyone to talk about made it feel like some dirty little secret that I should be ashamed of but addressing the emotional impact as well the physical issues have given me a sense of catharsis and taken the weight off my shoulders. I’ve had loads of feedback from readers ranging from well-wishers to people going through the same journey relating to my posts and even a lady who decide to seek medical help after discovering how long the journey to treatment takes through my posts which is kind of amazing.
- Your Instagram always seems to be “on point”, you’ve always got photos in the bank ready to post. How do you manage that? Any tips?

Thanks gurrrrrrl, I always take a few bank images at the weekend to use in the week as work can be quite unpredictable and effect my social media engagement if I don’t keep on top if it. I try and post three times a day and I like and tag myself in all my own posts to try and get my posts on my follower’s feeds as much as possible. I don’t have a theme per say, but do use a slight amount of the same filter on all my images to try and keep some consistency.
- Do you still enjoy blogging as much as when you first started? Where do you see your blog going?

I enjoy it a lot more these days, I’m comfortable with my content and value quality over quantity. I won’t post for the sake of posting and take a lot more time to enjoy the process of creating content. I’ve developed a more of a ‘fuck it’ attitude with regard to what I post which is somewhat liberating. I’m not sure where I see my blog going, It’d be great as a full-time career but I don’t think I have enough to say about anything for that, let alone the readership…yet. I guess the ideal dream is for it to become a parenting blog as well as everything else but we’ll see.
- What are your favourite types of posts to write? The more personal ones or product features?

I love writing a good product feature when I really love a product but personal posts are a little like therapy for me so it’s hard to choose. You can’t really beat a cat related post because kitten pictures are pretty much life, AMIRIGHT!
- My last question, what blogs are you enjoying reading at the moment?

My Current favourite blog is CityScapeBliss, Tereza and I are cat momma pals and she posts lots of kitty related content on her blog as well as some amazing interior and DIY guides, her house is an absolute dream and interior based posts are my all time favorite.


I really enjoyed writing this post, it gives you a great excuse to stalk someone to get info on them. I am planning on posting one each month and I'd love for you to get involved, so drop me an email or dm me on Twitter if you'd be interested.

Thanks to Issy for taking part and answering my questions, you should definitely go stalk her and her kittens.


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